Keeping Fit while you are at Work

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* If you’re fortunate and have decided to work in an industry or profession where you are physically active you can probably afford to skip this particular blog. *

However, if your like me and countless other people out there where you find yourself sitting behind a desk for your working week, then this blog is exactly what you’re looking for.With more people everyday taking occupation positions such as sales, administrative and managerial roles, where the most of their time is spent sitting behind a desk, their ability to keeping fit as well as mentally stimulated is relentlessly contested. If you’re one of these people fear not because help is at hand. Your capability to keep active and fit really depends on the boundaries of your creativity. Consider this, every item within your office has the potential to be applied within your workout, you’ve just got to uncover how best to use them.

  • Take the stairs: In this more and more convenient world we are living in, more people are becoming increasingly sluggish. Even if you do work on the 6th floor and the elevator is more pleasing, why not jolt your body and go back to basics by walking the stairs? Not only will this remove you from your boring elevator occurrence, but it will also give your lower body a beneficial workout.
  •  Make the most of your lunch hour: People who live in their office or behind their desk, manage to eat their lunch their too! Attempt to find a physical activity or hobby that you appreciate doing and can be completed during your lunch hour. This doesn’t have to be at a gym. It can be as simple as a walk in the park or walking to a shop to buy your lunch. While your there why not pick up something healthy to further compliment this change.
  •  Turn your office into your own personal gym: The crucial point here as mentioned previously is creativity. Stand up and walk around the office every 30 minutes. For the brave on the other hand you could use your body weight as resistance and carry out chest exercises off the desk or wall even some tricep dips off your chair or squats while leaning against the wall. Remember, you do still have a job to do though – so don’t get too carried away!
  • Replace your chair with an exercise ball: Before you reject the idea, contemplate these benefits; sitting on an exercise ball will strengthen both your core stability muscles and enhance your posture. So while all your colleagues are complaining of lower back problems you will be sitting there with a smirk on your face!

For those people reading through this blog and taking information available, good on you. These easy movements may not seem like a great deal, but if they are completed each day and incorporated into a wider healthier lifestyle, then who knows where this path may lead you. For those people who are unconvinced and/or conscious about your ability to accomplish this within your work space, Just try one of the above mentioned . After all, something is better than nothing.



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