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Drupal web development is not easy but it’s the best if you need to develop any complex website. With Drupal, we can develop a variety of community-driven sites, including blogs, forums, wiki-style sites, and much more. Drupal is also considered to be a content management framework. This means the software is not specialized for building certain types of websites. It can be used to build any type of website you want. Drupal development is flexible and generalized intentionally. You can use the included tools to piece together and create a seemingly endless array of websites, widgets, news programs, or whatever you desire. The possibilities are up to the skillful Drupal web developers in Toronto like ourselves.

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Why Drupal Web Development?

Drupal is an excellent choice for your website, especially if you want your website flexible enough to evolve over time. It is not uncommon to begin with a blog site and then decide to expand with a forum or Wiki entry. You can easily configure Drupal to interact with other websites to allow speedy customization based on user query. If you need a complex website, Drupal has tools for us to develop extensions to add to the platform. Unlike printed materials, websites grow and change over time. Drupal is a dynamic platform that will grow as your web presence expands. By adding features like advanced search, auto-tagging, and internationalization, Drupal web development allow users to explore web content in new and exciting ways. By adding SEO extensions it can takes the sales and leads to the next level.

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Drupal Pros and Cons

When you edit a Drupal page, the administration page and the user page are almost identical. The only difference is the administration page has menus for page customization. Many developers find this extremely helpful and much easier than other programs such as Frontpage, Dreamweaver, or Joomla. Being open source makes the program free.

At the time of this writing, Drupal 6 and 7 are not nearly as user-friendly to administer as WordPress or Joomla. However, Drupal is making great strides in this area for Drupal 8 and through the Acquia project. Because it has a steeper learning curve than WordPress and is significantly more complex, building and maintaining a Drupal site will likely be more expensive than a simple WordPress site. However, the functionality and value you can add using Drupal web development can easily justify the price in most cases.

Drupal Performance

To increase your Drupal site performance, we would upgrade your Drupal 5 site to Drupal 7 using best practice upgrade paths. We would back up and maintain your Drupal 6 site using core and contributed modules and utilities. Next we would configure the Drupal core and contributed modules for high traffic. We would also run core Drupal page compression, CSS and JS compression, and use Drupal page caching. Then run scheduled cron tasks to perform crucial garbage-collection processes.

You may use the Drupal Web Development module to monitor page loads and queries. Use the Boost module for anonymous page caching, tweak Boost settings, and use Boost blocks and advanced Boost settings to monitor site performance. You can install and use Memcache API and Integration module, along with Authcache and Advanced Cached modules, to enhance and monitor site performance.

Drupal Benefit

Some of the most important aspects of building a website or a community are the abilities to have:

  • New Features
  • Reports and Statistics
  • Customization
  • Rapid development and deployment

Whatever the task, odds are that Drupal can handle it, or a new module can be created or an existing one can be customized to handle it. Not too long ago, this kind of in-depth interactivity would cost 100s of thousands of dollars and take many months to achieve, perhaps even requiring a team of Drupal web developers.

The invention and creation of newer and superior technology is so rapid today that developers need to be within a network of technically savvy software communities. Your investment in a website should be viable for the future – not obsolete within a few months. Drupal is also the best insurance that you will be ready when you get requests for new features. The contributed modules are a treasure trove of nearly every feature you could want. We choose Drupal web development because it is a full-featured, fully customizable, and freely available open source framework. It is structured in a way that allows us to create interactive communities while being a part of the drupal community. But as always, it will really depend on your requirements and budget to decide what kind of CMS solution will be best for you.