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X-Cart is a licensed shopping cart that lets you sell your products securely from your own server/domain. Since its launch in 2001, X-Cart has grown to host over 35,000 stores in 111 countries. Combined, all of those stores rake in an annual gross merchandise volume of over $2.3 million.

X-Cart offers two selling solutions: a shopping cart solution (build your own online store) and a multi-vendor solution (build your own marketplace like eBay and Etsy). When it comes to online shopping cart software, your most-basic needs are simple. You need to be able to track inventory, track orders, and accept payments. The reality is not so simple, since you want reporting tools to see what your customers are buying, search engine optimization (SEO) tools to make sure your store shows up in search results, ways to collect payments from alternate channels such as Facebook and eBay, and special deals such as discounts and coupons so customers keep coming back.

Some Sample of E-commerce with X-cart Shopping Carts:


Dessert Lady

Cleyn Lockers

Gift Baskets

NutCracker Sweet

Negozio Di Moda

Why do you need a X-cart developer?

X-Cart gives you features specific for marketing and search, such as being able to create widgets showing your best-selling products, letting users submit reviews and ratings, and using SEO tools to configure URLs and add meta tags. You can create one-page checkout pages, and set up order tracking. There is a real-time shipping calculator and an option to include customer reviews and ratings. You can also add variations such as sizes and colors with the Product Option module. You can set up multiple administrators so different staff members can securely manage the store without having to share passwords. You can integrate with Google Analytics for detailed reports and generate a sitemap. X-cart developer at DTW can help you walk through the process.

Why NOT X-cart Design Development?

We have done a lot of work with X-cart. X-Cart has been around for 15 years and it shows. There are a ton of useful features which can be customized to meet your needs. However, it requires a high level of technical competence, which may raise the barrier of entry above what many merchants can manage. Don’t forget to calculate the host of hosting, SSL certificate, and merchant account when considering whether the self-hosted version works for you. The hosted VPS offering is definitely an option, but you have to ask yourself whether it makes sense to deal with X-Cart’s more-complex system if there are hosted platforms such as Shopify and Pinnacle Cart, which are easier to manage if you need a simple cart solution.


X-cart is a very good shopping cart system, but it all depends on your feature requirements  to determine if X-cart is the answer for you. The experts are big fans of X-Cart and quick to recommend it for the right type of business. Those looking for a licensed solution will be pleased with some high-quality features and themes that can be customized to create a truly unique storefront. It is one of the few solid choices on the market that can handle global transactions and put you in front of potential costumers all over the world.

X-cart developer at Design Toronto Web DTW has done extensive web development work using x-cart. From integrating Purolator to creating custom shipping options we have built quite a few x-cart modules. Let us help you with any of your x-cart coding needs. 

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