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Integrating Social Signals Into An SEO Strategy

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Social signals can contribute to SEO performance, lately, I’ve been fielding more and more questions about how. Most links that come up via social media also come with the “nofollow” attribute. So it would seem at first glance that they can’t do anything for your search engine rankings. I have found that this is an overly restrictive view. There are actually tremendous benefits to be had from boosting your site’s social signals. Here are some of the ways I feel that social signals can help with your site’s search engine performance. Read More

Using a Twitter Plug in for your WordPress site

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WordPress is used by many online businesses ranging from small business start-ups to high corporate, top brand star businesses. Setting up a social media module such as a Twitter plug in is an important tool for your business.  This social media plug in will complement any sites that are powered by WordPress to embed the Twitter content and, consequently, grow the Twitter audience. Read More

Video SEO – Shine on Youtube!

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With so much video content on the web, you need to have a strategy in place to ensure you have relevant video content published. If you don’t have any, then you must start now to plan to create videos to enhance the site visitors’ experiences. Your competitors have probably already started as most companies do some video posting, to some extent.
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Social Plugins: Top three ways to integrate Facebook in to your website

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Word-of-mouth has always been one of the most powerful marketing tools known to mankind. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why you drink your favorite beer? Who recommended it to you for the first time? Did you trust their recommendation? Of course you did; we are social creatures whos’ very fabric and identity is built on the foundation of interconnectedness. Hence the importance of social plugins for your website, to integrate the best of social media and get that cyber word-of-mouth going. Read More

SEO Strategy Predictions in 2013

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Seeing what Google did to its search algorithms in 2012, sturdier and more aggressive actions and steps are expected from the search hulk in 2013 as well. And the likes of Google are expected to shadow the footsteps. Although, webmasters cannot overlook the fact that all these efforts are meant to revive the original intentions of the web viz. Presenting superiority and relevant information to its users. At the same time, the SEO companies and experts are left with no option, but to revise their SEO strategy. How should you do that for better SEO success in the New Year?
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How Facebook Influences and effects SEO

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When Facebook announced the addition of Timeline earlier this year it changed how facebook influences and effects Search Engine Optimization. These new tools let users tell a more thorough story of their life through a newly designed profile page. Then Facebook launched Facebook Actions, an enhancement adding additional call-to-action tabs beyond the standard “like”. As this may at first seem as though Facebook is going over and beyond to allow users indicate where they are and what they are doing, but in fact Facebook Actions actually benefits the consumer, marketer, and SEO firm.These Actions let users specifically indicate their interaction with a location, products, and more. For example, one may visit a local Business and indicate they “bought” a particular product. Immediately, that action is posted on their wall and their average of 240 friends can interact with that action. Others may comment, share, or even visit that store the next day to see for themselves.

That being said, since more than 55 percent of  teenager to adult-consumers research products on social media platforms, the product has enormous ability to either significantly prosper from Facebook Actions (if it is a good product) or(the service is good), or severely sink (if the product is not great) or ( if the service is bad)

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How to Plan your Link Building Activities Effectively

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There are various ways to build links as mentioned on my previous blog but then again link building is not as easy as 1,2,3. To be able to really build effective links, it entails careful planning, yes, perhaps this is just a link referring back to your site but this could be hard to maintain. Another, you could be penalized by google without you knowing it, possibly you could also be considered as a “Spomments” , a blog related term meaning spam commenter. If that happens, good luck, though there are thousands of blogs, forums or what have you, it will be hard to retain the same ranking or at least get a link back to your site. Blog commenting is not only the way to build links, you may say, or there are numerous activities like directory and article submission, but take note they can also mark your submission as a spam, like I do with the directory I’m maintaining personally. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to scare the hell out of you, I just wanted to help the same way every blogger does to its readers.
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