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Mobile Responsive Web Design Toronto

If you are looking to build mobile websites, Android or iPhone Apps, we can help!
We offer a hosted mobile website or App, or a 2-in-1 Responsive Web Design in Toronto!


Design Toronto Web – DTW

Design Toronto Web DTW is a proven web design agency. We have a strong passion for mobile responsive web design. We are also leaders in HTML5 flash animation. Design Toronto Web serves its clients by sharing its industry leading web design skills. From creating logo designs to building custom modules for your open source site, we can serve you in all areas of your web design needs in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Get the help you need to improve your brand.

Web Design Toronto

web designing in toronto

Web design are two simple words but they hold a lot of meaning. Web design is not only about having a nice design. It is an important part of your brand strategy. Today, most websites are no longer static. You need to add functionality to your website for a strong user experience to occur. The design and features of your site will help to manage your online brand. Better online reputation by a local web design Toronto company will help to better revenue. Get the most return on your investment.

Website Developers

Our website developers hold various degrees. When you work with us, you are working with a group of highly trained web developers. Our staff are skilled to support various open source website software such as Joomla, Word Press, Drupal or Magento sites. We work mainly with open source software. We develop extensions to add on to existing platforms so as to limit the costs of your web development project. Whatever the hurdles you are facing with your dynamic website, we can help.

Toronto Website Developers DTW

Flash/HTML5 Animation

Flash HTML5 animations

Are you looking to create a unique animation? Or an HTML5 game for your clients or employees? Our web animators can help you. Flash animation is slowly becoming a thing of the past. We are now making complex HTML5 in a mobile responsive format. HTML5 is great because it is very flexible. HTML5 is not specific to a single use case. More important, HTML5 is now found at every corner you turn. Let us create some fun games for you in HTML5. Impress your clients with original design work.

SEO Marketing

A website without traffic is like a work of art without an audience. There is no one to see it and value it. More crucial though is that there is no one to buy the goods or services featured on the site. Search engines, such as Google, rank websites on the basis of an ever changing pattern that measures many points. Successful SEO requires years of experience. Our expert knowledge on how the search engines work can be to your benefit. It will help us to bring quality leads to your business.

search engine optimisation SEO Toronto

Design Toronto Web DTW Uses Mobile Responsive Web Design to Reach All Devices.

Mobile Responsive Web Design by Design Toronto Web

Web Design Toronto Company DTW can develop a website that improves your branding, online reputation. Generate revenues.


WordPress Web Design

WordPress is the most popular content management system today. We have built many large websites using WordPress as its base platform. We can purchase a commercial plugin and customize extensively to meet all your requirement or simply create custom plugins to carry out the tasks you need done by the website. Numerous available plugins can make your website be vert cost-effective.


Joomla Web Design

Joomla is the 2nd most popular content management system. It is a little less user-friendly than WordPress but more robust. Joomla should be used for medium-weight websites and only if website administrators are not too Internet savvy. For heavy-weight sites, Drupal would be more desiered. Design Toronto Web DTW employs Joomla experts who can efficiently use Joomla for your website.


Drupal Web Development

Drupal is the most popular choice for expert web developers/programmers. Drupal has some built-in plugin development kits that can revolutionize web development and make large-scale web development efficient and cost-effective. While we can use 3rd party application builder extension such as Fabrik or K2 in Joomla, Drupal’s built-in CCK is much superior. Also, more frequently used in Government projects.


Magento & X-cart Ecommerce

Magento is an open source ecommerce management system. This is the best open source ecommerce system out there today. If you would need any custom development work for your shopping cart, Magento may be the most expandable system for the purpose. Sure you could go with an apparent cheaper hosted ecommerce solution but if you need to add anything custom to system as Shopify or Bigcommerce, cost may be very high.


Shopify & BigCommerce

They do have a low monthly cost but you never really own the websites. If that’s okay with you, these are some very good solutions as long as you do not require any custom development work done on your site. As they have their own proprietary framework, custom development would require more time than downloadable software. Design Toronto Web can design custom or customise an available a theme for you.


Woocommerce & Virtuemart

WooCommerce is a shopping cart add-on for WordPress websites whereas Virtuemart is for Joomla. If you only have few products to sell, need a light-weight solution, these may be some very cost effective solutions. Add these plugins to core WordPress or Joomla to get seamless experience. Turn your regular WordPress or Joomla website into a money making machine. Let the Woocommerce experts at Design Toronto Web Woo you!

"The site looks awesome. I am very happy with all your work and I have got numerous compliments already and am sharing your company’s name."

− Adam Meyer, Parrish and Heimbecker Ltd.

"Throughout our time spent developing our new website, ECA took the time to communicate thoroughly including listening to our requests and translating them into reality. Having tried other vendors without success, it was such a relief to find someone whose expert knowledge was consistent and trustworthy."

− Shandra Carlson, Donate A Car

"We love the site you have done for us specially the interactive flash Keywatcher Configurator. Also, the FTP login area looks great. We have all the tools we need there."

− Ryan D Sylva, Morse Canada