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Top Toronto Web Development Company – DTW

Toronto web development agency (DTW) developers help businesses get more sales from their websites. Benefits of working with us are:

  1. We can drive more traffic to your website so you get more phone calls and leads.
  2. We make your business  look credible and you can be proud of your website.
  3. Our rates are reasonable so you get good value for your dollars.

Primarily we work with gift baskets companies, spas, lawyers, transportation, accountants and other professional services. We also provide ecommerce website solution for retails looking to go online or maintaining online business. Also, we run website courses so you can update your own website and save cost. Please call 416 855 0322 or email to set up a meeting!

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Artificial Intelligence

Adding artificial intelligence (AI) to your website can take your business to the next level. With AI, you can provide personalized experiences to your customers, increase efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition.AI-powered chatbots can improve customer service by providing quick and helpful responses 24/7. Machine learning algorithms can analyze data to make personalized product recommendations, increasing sales and customer loyalty. By automating repetitive tasks, AI can free up your time to focus on more important aspects of your business. AI can also provide valuable insights into user behavior, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your website’s performance. In summary, AI can improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and provide valuable insights for optimization. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and give your business an edge with AI.

Open Source Web Developers

Why reinvent the wheel? There are many open source good quality content management system out there. There is an enterprise level open source e-commerce software available today. Let our Top Toronto website developers at Toronto Web Development Company DTW holding various academic degrees help you utilise these open sources and build you cost saving systems. Our staff are skilled to support various open source website software.  Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or Magento to name a few. We help companies reduce web development cost by using such popular system. We can develop custom extensions to add on to existing platforms to limit the costs of your web development project. Whatever the hurdles you are facing with your open source website, this top Toronto web development company can help.

Toronto Web Development Company DTW
Flash HTML5 animations by Toronto Web Development Agency

HTML5 Animation Creation

Are you looking to create a unique animation? Or an HTML5 game for your clients or employees? Our web animators can help you. Flash animation is a thing of the past today. Most popular browsers will not display flash animation by default. These browsers are encouraging faster loading HTML5 animations. We are now making complex animation in a mobile responsive format. HTML5 is great. It is very flexible. It’s not specific to a single use case. More importantly, it’s now found at every corner you turn. Let Toronto Web development Company create some fun games for you in HTML5. Impress your clients with original design work and putting it into a dynamic system to save scores or other related data.

SEO Marketing

A website without traffic is like a work of art without an audience. There is no-one to see it and value it. There is no one to buy the goods or services featured on the site. Search engines like Google, rank websites on the basis of an ever changing pattern that measures many points. Successful SEO requires years of experience. Experience that can help keep up with various search engine algorithm updates. Our expert knowledge on how the search engines work can be to your benefit. If you think you could perform SEO on your own, you will see how fast you lose monies without results, you simply would not know all the parameters required for successful SEO campaigns. Let this Toronto Web Development Company help you bring quality leads to your business.

SEO Toronto from Top Toronto web development agency

Design Toronto Web DTW Creates Mobile Responsive Websites to Reach All Devices.

Mobile Responsive Web Design by Design Toronto Web

DTW can develop a website that can help generate revenues

wordpress web design

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is the most popular content management system today. We have built many large websites using WordPress as its base platform. We can purchase a commercial plugin and customize extensively to meet all your requirement or simply create custom plugins to carry out the tasks you need done by the website. Numerous available plugins can make your website be vert cost-effective.

joomla web design

Python Wagtail CMS

Python Wagtail is an excellent choice for building robust, scalable websites. It offers a user-friendly content management system, flexibility in design, and allows for easy integration with other systems. Plus, it has a strong and active community constantly updating and improving it. With Python Wagtail, you can create a modern, visually appealing website that is easy to manage and navigate.

drupal web development

Drupal Web Development

Drupal is the most popular choice for expert web developers/programmers. It has some built-in plugin development kits that can revolutionize web development. It can make large-scale web development efficient and cost-effective. Drupal’s built-in CCK is much superior. We could use 3rd party application builder extensions Fabrik or K2 in Joomla. Drupal is more frequently used in Government projects.

magento developerment Toronto

Magento & X-cart Ecommerce

Magento is an open source ecommerce management system. This is the best open source ecommerce system out there today. If you would need any custom development work for your shopping cart, Magento may be the most expandable system for the purpose. Sure you could go with an apparent cheaper hosted ecommerce solutions. If you need to add anything custom to system as Shopify or Bigcommerce, cost may be very high.

shopify theme design

Shopify & BigCommerce

They do have a pretty low monthly cost. You never really own the websites. If that’s okay with you, these are some very good solutions. Make sure you do not require any custom development work done on your site. Custom development would require more time with these systems. Over time these systems could cost more. Design Toronto Web can design custom or customise an available a theme for you.

woocommerce developers Toronto

Woocommerce & Virtuemart

WooCommerce is a shopping cart add-on for WordPress websites. Virtuemart is add-one extension for Joomla. If you only have few products to sell, need a light-weight solution, these may be some very cost effective solutions. Add these plugins to core WordPress or Joomla to get seamless experience. Turn your regular WordPress or Joomla website into a money making machine. Let the Woocommerce experts at Design Toronto Web Woo you!


30 Days Free Support

All our work come with 30 days of free support. Any bug in our custom task reported within 30 days of the task performed will be fixed at no extra cost. We mostly use open source software that have been tested by millions of users. This ensures you do not have much to worry about anyways.

Client Feedback

Eleanor duddly
Eleanor duddly
04:28 24 Aug 17
Recently I needed a HTML5 interactive animation app for a trade-show booth. I had a very hard time finding a company who could do what I needed. The ones who could asked for very high rates until I found DTW. They did an amazing job though there were some little caveats which is to be expected as not all browsers render HTML5 the same way. Delivered App was great for our purpose however. Customer service relations was good and professional throughout the process. Highly recommend these talented guys.
Lisa R. Crippen
Lisa R. Crippen
14:31 05 Jul 17
I have a Magento website to sell bread and desserts online. As my bakery only deliver to certain areas we needed a custom extension to handle our delivery system/charges. My original developer built the site okay but failed to customise it according to my specific needs. I looked high and low and found DTW team. So far they have well exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend DTW to Magento website owners.
james joe
james joe
20:27 07 Apr 17
Our Wordpress site got hacked a couple weeks ago and our webhost suspended the website because of malware. A good friend referred us to DTW and we are glad that he did. DTW downloaded the infected site, upgraded the wp version then pulled the theme and database out of the wp install and put in a new install of Wordpress to make sure there are no hidden hack codes anywhere and all in a very little time and budget. They have earned our loyalty.
Edward Bennett
Edward Bennett
03:14 05 Apr 17
I run a small home-renovation company. I have a little bit of programming knowledge so I had built a Wordpress website myself and installed some plugins. Site was not too bad. However, I soon figured out I could not get the plugins to do exactly what I need and my programming skill was not good enough to write a custom plugin myself. So I Googled for Wordpress web developers and I found DTW. They built me a custom plugin that helps my employees log their time into the system so I can send out invoices to customers through emails. They also helped me to speed up the site load-time. Even though I never met with the team in person, they were in constant communication through email, phone and web conferences throughout the development process. I am very happy with them and highly recommend to anyone who needs help with their Wordpress websites. I will get my Quickbooks plugin built by them as soon as I can create a budget for it. Thank you DTW.
Frank William
Frank William
06:20 10 Jan 17
I run a small printing company and initially hired a company from China to add an online printing price calculator to our website. After trying to deliver for months they failed is when I hired DTW to do the same task plus to put our entire static website in Drupal as my research said it would be the best CMS for such demanding work. DTW has made us a mobile responsive website that does the calculation according to the formula I provided them with perfectly! It took longer than anticipated as the price calculating formula was much more complex than it looked also as we changed the formula quite a bit along the way but we are very happy with the outcome. I highly recommend DTW for any custom mathematical widget or extension for Drupal.
Dutch Bildrman
Dutch Bildrman
08:23 05 Sep 17
I am a skilled tradesman and normally, I get all my business through referrals. Since I don't get a lot of my customers asking to see samples of my previous work, I thought it may be best to put them on a website so I can show them to the refers as well as maybe get some new business. I found DTW by searching on Google. I contacted a gentleman named Ray who was a tremendous help. Not only did they built me a nice but inexpensive Wordpress website, Ray also took the time to teach me how to market myself over the Internet. I was previously clueless as to how it all worked. Very helpful guys! Two thumbs up!
Sharon Brown
Sharon Brown
17:47 29 Aug 17
Design Toronto web is totally rad. We have an old Joomla 1.5 site that uses a web service to acquire current rates from a local bank API. We needed to add couple more dynamic pages to the site but to our surprise, first few companies we hired failed to deliver. Turns out it's not such a simple task after all like we thought and php version used being obsolete adds to the complexity so only very few well qualified companies could do these type of work. We found among the few companies we contacted that the Design Toronto Web team was the most affordable. They completed the task successfully and on time. We will be engaging their services for sure when we want to upgrade our Joomla version to the latest one. They are top of the line and I'll recommend them any time of day!
Angel Marina
Angel Marina
05:39 03 Dec 16
DTW team is really good. My site was seriously outdated and used a very old version of Joomla, however, had quite a few custom extensions to display custom data that I have collected over years. DTW developers upgraded Joomla to the latest and upgraded all the extensions including the custom ones. Throughout the project they communicated the issues with me very well. Thanks to have found this team of Joomla experts. They have earned my loyalty.
Charles Williams
Charles Williams
22:42 29 Jul 19
Working with the Design Toronto Web has been a most pleasant experience! Their dedication and passion for what they do is exemplified by their unrivaled customer support and attentiveness to the specific needs of our business. We look forward to a long lasting and prosperous relationship with Design Toronto Web.
Richard Sullivan
Richard Sullivan
09:56 30 Jul 19
"Whenever we’ve had ideas, they do some research and come up with a solution that better fits my business." ..."
Mandip Jagdeo
Mandip Jagdeo
00:43 23 Sep 19
Hounder Jacker
Hounder Jacker
04:49 26 Mar 23
Thank you Design Toronto Web for verifying that the job offer I received was not legit.
Nicole Caroline Da Silva
Nicole Caroline Da Silva
16:26 05 May 23
He is an innovative and practical designer. Her ideas are custom made to your life and how you utilize your space. Great experience.

"The site looks awesome. I am very happy with all your work and I have got numerous compliments already and am sharing your company’s name."

− Adam Meyer, Parrish and Heimbecker Ltd.

"Throughout our time spent developing our new website, ECA took the time to communicate thoroughly including listening to our requests and translating them into reality. Having tried other vendors without success, it was such a relief to find someone whose expert knowledge was consistent and trustworthy."

− Shandra Carlson, Donate A Car

"We love the site you have done for us specially the interactive flash Keywatcher Configurator. The FTP login area looks great as well. We have all the tools we need there."

− Ryan D Sylva, Morse Canada