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When to use WooCommerce instead of other real complex eCommerce shopping carts

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Every year thousands of eCommerce businesses are opened and due to plenty of platforms available, the new business retailers don’t find much difficulty in building the foundation of their eCommerce store. But the choice of right platform is challenging, either you want a cheaper platform or the one capable of growing your business, and weighing up the features of each platform could leave you scratching your head in confusion. Read More

WordPress Development Basics

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WordPress has become the go-to place for blog and business sites alike. The hosting platform was first released in 2003, and according to Wikipedia, the most recent data suggest WordPress powers an astounding 23% of the top 10 million websites.  That’s pretty impressive. Let’s take a look at what WordPress is all about, the pros of using it for your business website, and what to keep in mind when it comes to development. Read More

why is seo copywriting important

Web Copywriting: Different From Writing 101?

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When it comes to writing for the web, we’ve all heard the terms SEO, keyword density, and optimization. But then you find yourself staring at a blank screen, wondering how it all comes into play and trying to come up with the right words. And it can be more than a little overwhelming. This is especially so since copywriting trends always seem to be on the go. It’s important to keep up with the ever-evolving trends of search engine optimization or SEO copywriting, but basic writing principles are as relevant as ever. Let’s go over a few important things to keep in my mind as you’re creating copy for your website or a brand presence on the web. Read More

Top Four things you did not know about the Web Development

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This week we celebrate the birthday of one of the most world changing inventions of the past 100 years: The Web. The brainchild of Tim Berners-Lee, the web re-imagined the internet as a place where documents could be interlinked that could be stored anywhere, not just in one particular place. Thus the web was born as the most powerful platform application that has been built on the internet. Read More

Web Programmers Global Impact.

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Scribes of the web programmers impact
Looking at code gives me anxiety, the same level of anxiety I receive when I’m trying to practice my Spanish at the local Mexican restaurant. I start to sweat a little and my eyes cross and then there is the overwhelming thought that I would rather run a marathon than go through with the task ahead: whether it is fixing a piece of code so my Title doesn’t look like my five year old niece was doing it or ordering my favorite quesadilla with extra sour cream. Read More

Effective Password Management

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21st century’s thief in the night no longer has to invest in black clothing and a face mask, all he/or she needs is a computer and the key to your “housing” of information. You have nothing to worry about if you have an ironclad password that not even an algorithmic savant could crack. However, for most of us, that is not the case. Read More

web design and development tips

Top Web Design and Development Trends

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There are no oracles that can help us understand the future of tech industry and the corresponding changes in software and design. Instead, at ECA Technologies Inc, Designtorontoweb.ca and 2seo.com, we track the latest trends and try to predict where they’ll head. These are our predictions of growing trends over the next 12 months on web design and development.
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tips on website building strategies

Some Tips on Website Building

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We at ECA Technologies have noticed over the past few years have seen a tremendous shift in website building process. More users have switched onto mobile platforms, along with newer browsers which support HTML5/CSS3 web standards. There are so many unique ideas flowing out of the design community – it seems like new thresholds are being replaced every few months!
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Importance of Responsive Websites Design

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The realm of web design can change at a dizzying rate. We at ECA technologies are very aware that our clients are concerned with staying relevant in the online marketing and media frenzy of the digital age. The web industry is constantly evolving, yesterday’s side bar widget is today’s large header image; code rapidly changing to HTML 5, jquery, CSS3 etc. It is our job to keep up with these trends.  More importantly,  it is our job to make sure these trends continue to be relevant for our clients needs. (You may not need the bells and whistles and we’re here to see the flower for the weeds when it comes to your web design needs).

That being said, it is always good to know what trends are here to stay. For the foreseeable future, the latest and greatest trend is Responsive Websites Design.

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