Mississauga Web Design Development

When designing and building a website, mobile site or app, we start with a conversation with our client. We get it down to one point – what do you need your web site to be for your business especially in Mississauga Web Design? What platform do you want us to base the website on? WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento etc.? That is a big question, one you may or may not know the answer to. But do not worry, we will get there by tackling smaller questions. Once we have established your needs, we get to work on the aesthetic web design, and after everybody is happy with the “look and feel” of it, it is fully developed, tested and published to the web. With thorough understanding of Mississauga web design demographics, DTW guides you through the entire process.

  1. We can drive more traffic to your website so you get more phone calls and leads.
  2. We make your business  look credible and you can be proud of your website.
  3. Our rates are reasonable so you get good value for your dollars.

Mississauga Web Design Company targeting Mississauga area.

Here are some Mississauga web design samples:

BSD Logistics

Dessert Lady

Newpoint Inc.

Global One

P&H Milling Group

spergel corporate website

Spergel Corporate Website

Cleyn Lockers

Butterball Canada

Butterball Canada

Targeting Local Mississauga Community

It is important to brainstorm the content and layout specifics to reflect local community of Mississauga you would like for your website before the design and development process begins. This will not only save us time moving forward; it will also save you money with fewer modifications to your site. Though we may charge you a fixed rate for your website, this does not allow you unlimited requests for changes. Developers offer a fixed rate based on an estimate and the average time it takes to build a website, assuming limited modifications. The surest way to limit modifications during the building process is to thoroughly prepare and be as specific as possible in your brainstorming. Of course a few changes are to be expected, but make sure to thoroughly consider the audience or target market, define the purpose, and define the content beforehand.

Digital Marketing for Mississauga Web Design

Website Templates

Many people jump on the chance to set up a WordPress blog, or some variation of a do-it-yourself Web Design templates. While templates are easy and affordable, they are not specific to your needs. Templates do not know your community. Of course, the primary benefits of a website are simplicity and affordability; however the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages of a template Web Design. Not to mention there are more platform than just WordPress like Joomla, Drupal or Magento.

Generic Design

Once you find a template you like, you can take it for granted that there are thousands of other people with the same exact template. Having the same exact template as everyone else is certainly not a good branding strategy. You want a Web Design that is unique and fits the culture and branding of your company. That’s why it’s imperative that even with template your get professional help so your template can be customised to the fullest and help you stand out.

Manage & Update

When it comes to effective Web Design, there’s a lot of back end coding that takes place. The back end coding includes, HTML, CSS, SEO, JavaScript, Sitemaps, and more, which makes it easy to make changes and updates. However, when you use a template site, making changes can be difficult or just impossible. That’s why it’s important to find a good Web Design company to design your website in a way that is easy to manage and update.

Building A Corporate Website for a Mississauga Business

Over 60 of the Fortune 500 companies base their Global or Canadian Head Offices in Mississauga. Some of the strongest industries are pharmaceuticals, banking and finance, electronics and computers, Aerospace, transportation parts and equipment industries. Citibank Canada has 2 corporate IT development centres in Mississauga. TD Bank Financial also has 3 Corporate IT development centres in the city along with Royal Bank of Canada. Microsoft Canada is also located in Mississauga. Hewlett Packard’s main Canada offices are also in Mississauga to name a few. If you want to bank on the presence of that many corporate giants, you will need a very strong web presence and Design Toronto Web can help you achieve that.