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sustainable contruction Canada

Sustainable construction in Canada

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Sustainable construction or Green methods aren’t just associated with happier tenants and improved health and productivity, they’re quickly proving their worth on a financial level – with reduced operating costs and higher market values making them a sound investment for businesses and developers alike. We take a look at some of the latest developments in sustainable construction in Canada as the nation strives towards a greener economy. Read More

anti climb roller barrier

What You Need to Know about Anti-Climb Roller Barrier

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Roller barriers put off thieves, vandals and other mischief makers easily. The more difficult you can make access, the less likely they are to bother breaking in. They’ll go and find a premises that isn’t so secure, picking the lower-hanging fruit instead of your place. It’s good to know that applying some relatively simple technology to the issue can protect your premises. And one of the simplest yet most effective solutions is the roller barrier, AKA the anti-climb barrier. Read More

Few Things about Demolition

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Changes are inevitable part of a life. There come times when you need to bring down some structures of your home or office for renovation, construction or for any other purpose from making use of available space in a more productive way to removing old unstable structures before reconstruction. Regardless of your needs, demolition sets the tone of your future endeavour however there are some aspects you need to know before beginning the process. Read More

Corporate Father

A Corporate Father’s Blog…

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This particular blog may not be for everyone, my usual blogs are informative small tutorials or success tips on SEO, web design/development  and internet marketing. I write to pass on hints and methods for achievement in this always evolving technological world we live in.  This specific blog will piece together the other important components for true success and happiness in our corporate always busy life.
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Keeping Fit while you are at Work

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* If you’re fortunate and have decided to work in an industry or profession where you are physically active you can probably afford to skip this particular blog. *

However, if your like me and countless other people out there where you find yourself sitting behind a desk for your working week, then this blog is exactly what you’re looking for.With more people everyday taking occupation positions such as sales, administrative and managerial roles, where the most of their time is spent sitting behind a desk, their ability to keeping fit as well as mentally stimulated is relentlessly contested. If you’re one of these people fear not because help is at hand. Your capability to keep active and fit really depends on the boundaries of your creativity. Consider this, every item within your office has the potential to be applied within your workout, you’ve just got to uncover how best to use them.

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Out of ideas for blog

Running out of Ideas for your Blog?

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Funny thing happened to me today, I ran out of ideas for blog. Well, I guess that’s normal especially if you’re stressed and can’t focus. I tried reading blogs which I usually follow to get an idea and back track all my post  and still, I just can’t start with anything.  That’s when I decided to research how we can generate ideas when our brains can no longer work out a topic to write. I love this subject basically because I also learn in the process. Read More

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