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woocommerce magento shopping carts

When to use WooCommerce instead of other real complex eCommerce shopping carts

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Every year thousands of eCommerce businesses are opened and due to plenty of platforms available, the new business retailers don’t find much difficulty in building the foundation of their eCommerce store. But the choice of right platform is challenging, either you want a cheaper platform or the one capable of growing your business, and weighing up the features of each platform could leave you scratching your head in confusion. Read More


Why All Websites Must be Mobile Responsive

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All sites need to be mobile responsive and if your site isn’t, its time to revisit the mobile responsive development strategy. We live in a world where each person uses a different technology to access the web. I like my mobile, my daughter uses her tablet, my sister goes desktop and on and on. According to comScore research, 49% of time spent online is now via mobile devices. People are no longer using their desktops to surf the web like days of yore. So, how does one website become readable to all these devices? Mobile responsive web design is the key. Read More

using css

Top 9 Benefits Of Using CSS

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The website development industry remains divided into two separate thoughts. One school of thought says that developers should use tables for designing web pages. While other group claims that Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the best tools for building portals at faster pace.

Do you know what the benefits of using CSS are? Read them here.
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innovative ideas

8 Innovative Ideas for Building a Great User Interface

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The success of a website is defined by a good user interface. Sites and applications that do not provide a good user experience are often frustrating to users. You could have very good content on your site but if the user interface is not appealing, customers will ignore it.

  • A site needs to be easy to use and navigate
  • It should not be too congested
  • It should have appealing colors
  • A site should have the right balance of graphics and text content

Your goal when designing a user interface should be to please the visitors who will visit your site. You have to consider what they want and endeavor to give it to them in a simple yet tasteful and uncomplicated manner.

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facebook social plugins

Social Plugins: Top three ways to integrate Facebook in to your website

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Word-of-mouth has always been one of the most powerful marketing tools known to mankind. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why you drink your favorite beer? Who recommended it to you for the first time? Did you trust their recommendation? Of course you did; we are social creatures whos’ very fabric and identity is built on the foundation of interconnectedness. Hence the importance of social plugins for your website, to integrate the best of social media and get that cyber word-of-mouth going. Read More

web design and development tips

Top Web Design and Development Trends

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There are no oracles that can help us understand the future of tech industry and the corresponding changes in software and design. Instead, at ECA Technologies Inc, Designtorontoweb.ca and 2seo.com, we track the latest trends and try to predict where they’ll head. These are our predictions of growing trends over the next 12 months on web design and development.
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SEO Strategy Predictions in 2013

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Seeing what Google did to its search algorithms in 2012, sturdier and more aggressive actions and steps are expected from the search hulk in 2013 as well. And the likes of Google are expected to shadow the footsteps. Although, webmasters cannot overlook the fact that all these efforts are meant to revive the original intentions of the web viz. Presenting superiority and relevant information to its users. At the same time, the SEO companies and experts are left with no option, but to revise their SEO strategy. How should you do that for better SEO success in the New Year?
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