What is Google Caffeine?

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Many of you may have noticed lately that your ranking on Google has been moving up and down, seeming to never settle in one spot.

The big search giant, Google, is in the process of launching a new upgraded version: Google Caffeine.    This behind the scenes activity explains some of the unsettling ranking activity happening on Google.

As the name suggests, Google Caffeine, will be wired for speed.  It also claims some other features:

more accuracy than the original Google

the use of more Keywords so Search Engine Optimization will be more time consuming for the optimizer

the movement toward capturing real time coverage which was done in response to the popularity of such social media outlets as Facebook and Twitter

a greater index volume than the original Google, meaning search results are maximized

As the launch approaches, power users and search professionals will be watching closely to see how their rankings will be affected.

It’s not just another engine. It’s The only engine that functions as it does at getting the best, freshest content out on it’s SERPs as you type. It’s main difference, as Google explained in their blog, is with the layer system. Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher information as results for web searches than their last index. According to Google, it is also the largest collection of web content that they have offered thus far.

It’s a different engine altogether. If it’s true that Caffeine draws out fresher content, then most results, would come from blogs, forums, or a news story or even a tweet perhaps? The main point of Caffeine is that it brings out results to relevant. That is relevant content much sooner after it has been published. As a web developer, I am thrilled of this change. As an SEO specialist, I am waiting to see what effects this would have on SEO and on SEO experts around the world.


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