5 Crucial Tips for Ecommerce Web Design

5 crucial things for ecommerce

In today’s world of competitive online marketing, we at ECA Technologies express the simple purpose of an e-commerce website is to make businesses sell products and services  online. Its development and designing is also unlike from the traditional websites. Here, more than keeping an eye on aesthetic features like color schemes and flash, you are required to give importance to usability of the website. It is imperative to give users a seamless enjoyable shopping experience on your website.  SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is also a very important influence in Ecommerce web design.

1. Shopping Cart : It is one of the most vital parts of any eCommerce website. Make sure that the shopping cart is noticeable (visible) to the client at all points of time. Wherever he might be, he should be able to add a product into his cart at any point of time. Moreover, the cart should provide sufficient information to users like no. of items listed and others. Use color scheme prudently with shopping cart, so that it can stand out.

2. Add to Cart : As a website designer , you are well aware of the importance of powerful ‘call to action’. Here, at eCommerce website, it is ‘add to cart’, which works. You need to optimize it with wise use of words, so that the potential client is compelled to have a look on it. For example, a shopping cart asking the customer to get ‘more details’ about the product can’t become effective. ‘Add to cart’ or even ‘buy now’ is considered compelling and effective. As previously mentioned, you are again required to give special attention in the selection of color for this button.

3. Product Search : The website might have lots of products easily categorized. Yet, you need to make a powerful (intra-website) search engine. Moreover, the search engine at an eCommerce website should be efficient with auto-complete and other functions. It can immensely help users, as he can learn about many products. Needless to say, the more products user will explore, the higher are the chances of convertibility.

4. Navigation path : Easy navigation is the key to making a website user-friendly. You know it. But, here you are required to go ahead from just providing user-friendly navigation. It is imperative to provide the complete path of the product listing along with the navigation. Without being artistic, make a list of navigation by various options like search by models, price range, etc.

5. Product Overview : Let users make a positive impression about the products. For that, the user doesn’t need to visit the whole product page. You can provide quick overview of products. As user takes the cursor on any product, a pop-up window comes out showing salient features of that product. Here, you need to remain a bit caution, as it can also lead to a bad user experience.

These are some of the most important guidelines you can consider for your eCommerce website design.


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