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The website development industry remains divided into two separate thoughts. One school of thought says that developers should use tables for designing web pages. While other group claims that Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the best tools for building portals at faster pace.

Do you know what the benefits of using CSS are? Read them here.

Faster Loading Time

Web users hate long loading time. It has been found that approximately 40% of surfers leave a site, which takes more than three seconds for loading. Moreover, a delay by one second reduces customer’s satisfaction by significant amount.

The best part is that CSS powered websites can display contents as soon as they get loaded. So, users can view the top of the site while the bottom may still be undergoing loading process.

On the other hand, tables display contents all at once. So a user has to wait till every bit of the content gets loaded.

When you compare load time of tables and CSS, you will find that a table backed site will take two to four times longer for loading than CSS versions. So, you can see how your business will get affected as your potential users cannot go through the information at faster pace, if you run table powered website.

Lower Hosting Costs

Many hosting companies provide variable payment plans that are often based on the amount of bandwidth, which a website uses for each month.

What Is Bandwidth?

Picture_7Bandwidth is the amount of traffic that occurs between the internet and the site. If the intensity of traffic rises, more bandwidth is consumed.

Compare two identical portals. One built using tables and other one using CSS. You will see that excluding images, the file size of CSS based website is 8kb, while the one powered with tables has file size of 16kb.

Consider a case where your hosting plan allows for one gigabyte of bandwidth per month. If you use table based site, you will have 65536 views approximately. However, if you run CSS based portal, you can draw 131072 views approximately before you reach one gigabyte limitation. This is the twice the amount of traffic which you can get. Therefore, you can imagine how fast your business can prosper.

Save Money With Redesign

save-money-on-web-designRedesigning a table powered website needs long time than redesigning a CSS based website. It is because table powered site mixes content with visual data. While CSS based design separates content from visual imagery, which makes it easier developers or designers for changing or altering the portal’s format.

As remodeling a CSS based website takes less time, as a website owner, you have to spend little amount of money. So, this is an investment for getting long term returns.

You Can Get Better SEO Result

Many people will agree that escalation of traffic brings prosperity for business as visibility increases. If you use table based site, you are significantly reducing the potential of your website for search engine optimization.

Here Are Few Reasons Why CSS Is Efficient Than Tables For Search Engine Optimization Purposes.

A small file size of CSS based website increases the chances of search engine spider to crawl through entire site. This results in faster indexing time and more keyword opportunities that are important for search engine optimization.

A table based website has excessive code, which makes it difficult for search engine crawlers for differentiating between content and code. This hampers the website’s SEO prospects because it throws off the portal’s perceived code to content ratio.

CSS Offers Multi Medium Support

M2bOne of the biggest benefits of using CCS over tables is that the former has the capacity for providing accessibility to numerous mediums and devices. Portals display differently on computers than mobile phones and tablets. So, it is important to provide visitors with apt versions of your site for each format.

Therefore, by using CSS, you can incorporate alternative style sheets for specific device. This helps in generating the best viewer experience for your website.

Helps In Attaining Visual Consistency

By using tables, you have to edit every page, adjust column widths and heights, spacer gifs and many other table specific things. On the other hand, by deploying CSS tools, you can use external CSS style sheets for maintaining the visual consistency throughout the site.

Facilitates Quick Portal Updates

Making changes to CSS powered website needs lesser time and money for paying to designers. The added advantage of incorporating CSS is that it helps in making quick updates. So, you can operate the site as per your wish.

Get Beautiful Designs With CSS

For website designers, the creative possibilities of CSS hugely outweigh outcomes with tables. So, you can see how efficiently you can get the best design for your website.

When you are using tables, web design layouts become limited to rigid, grid based and inflexible designs. In case of CSS, the absolute positioning of z index property and elements gives the developer the capacity for layering elements on top of each other. So, CSS acts as tool and permits the developer for creating intricate, complex and beautiful designs.

If you want a website that can stand out from your competitors, select CSS as it allows a developer to create eye catching and unique interface.

No Spacer GIFs

Generally, a spacer gif is transparent image, which is used for controlling blank space within web page. As spacer gifs are transparent, a table cell can be created for filling background with particular color.

But CSS does not use spacer gif. Spacer gif is an extraneous code, which bloats a site and raises loading time. With CSS, background colors can easily be defined by using background property option. So, the load time of the website reduces and it allows for faster changes or updates made to the portal.

These are the above said advantages of using CSS backed website. By using such site, you can raise the visibility of your business as the portal takes lesser time for loading when compared to table based website. So, you can raise customer satisfaction and hope for fruitful sales conversions.


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