SEO Strategy Predictions in 2013

Seeing what Google did to its search algorithms in 2012, sturdier and more aggressive actions and steps are expected from the search hulk in 2013 as well. And the likes of Google are expected to shadow the footsteps. Although, webmasters cannot overlook the fact that all these efforts are meant to revive the original intentions of the web viz. Presenting superiority and relevant information to its users. At the same time, the SEO companies and experts are left with no option, but to revise their SEO strategy. How should you do that for better SEO success in the New Year?

Remember  What It All Started With

What was Google’s foremost purpose to introduce algorithm changes called Panda and Penguin? In the very beginning of the online search revolution, tactics like link exchange, link popularization and forum posting were enough to gain high ranks for the websites. The problem began when competition for higher positions on search engine pages increased. This in turn introduced black hat or unethical SEO practices like keyword stuffing, link spamming and duplicate content.

The new algorithm changes are meant to penalize websites offering low quality content or those encouraging web-spam. Your 2013 strategy for search engine optimization should take ideas from what was recommended some 15 years back:

  • Original, unique and informative      content development
  • Ethical link building
  • Keyword optimization
  • On site or on-page optimization

It is worth the value of mentioning that even after 500 algorithm alterations every year, Google is still indifferent towards its purpose to organize information. The websites who do not follow these strategies would automatically get into the bad books of Google. And the websites adopting them would get their deserving web success. Popular SEO companies like and have been following white hat SEO practices to serve their clients.

Follow Google Eagerly

For the expert of search engine optimization, it is impossible to survive in the search popularity race without following Google’s suggestions. An important aspect of SEO strategy in 2013 should be to concentrate on the following:

  • High-level Google Plus Engagement – It is a fact that the search giant      is a bit partial towards what its social networking platform says about      different websites. Focusing on Google Plus should help your website gain      better exposure.
  • Author Rank – In addition to Page Rank, Author Rank      has become a significant parameter for Google to evaluate the content      quality. Build on authority rank by contributing towards quality content.      Blogging, guest posts, comments and Google Plus circles are some ways to      achieve this.
  • Produce and Share Different Content      Types – Google has      no limitations when it comes to indexing of content in different forms.      Apart from articles and blogs, podcasts, webinars, videos, Screencasts,      graphs, infographics and many other content types should be in the focus.
  • Take Advantage of Google’s New Role –      What is that new      role – that is of a content provider. Have you noticed the chunks of      contents below every search result so that the user chooses to click on      the website offering the most relevant content? It can be done by using      the target terms of keywords in the first few sentences of your content      meant for press releases, blogs, social media content, RSS feeds, video      descriptions and everything else.

Use Social Media Extensively

Social media channels have proved their significance in influencing the search engine results. The most effective SEO strategy in 2013 cannot be built without extensively exploiting these channels.

The Social Media experts are advocating the following useful steps:

  • Recognize the most important keywords      trending on Twitter.
  • Use Google’s keyword selection tool      to choose the most relevant keywords and use them in the content meant for      social media. Do not keep the mist too long and focus on the popular ones.
  • Select the more popular pages of your      website and use their keywords in a social media optimization campaign.
  • Make use of Facebook fan pages to      constantly promote quality content aimed at helping the real audiences.
  • Encourage your blog visitors to share      your content and provide feedback and backlinks.

You can also find in the details here  or contact me at  you need to have a strong SEO success measurement system in place to maintain or improve the success. Though it is difficult to predict Google’s behavior in future, it is the best time to streamline your strategies using the aforementioned steps.



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