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With so much video content on the web, you need to have a strategy in place to ensure you have relevant video content published. If you don’t have any, then you must start now to plan to create videos to enhance the site visitors’ experiences. Your competitors have probably already started as most companies do some video posting, to some extent.

The popularity of watching online videos has increased exponentially and by 2017, about 74% of all internet traffic is estimated to be video. Moreover, if an email subject line has the word video in it, the likelihood of it opening is improved by 19%. Now, you can see why it’s so important to make video seo a part of your brand strategy.

Here are some simple how-to steps for setting up your first video:

  1. Keep the message simple with only one message per video and, for approximately two minutes in length for each video. Be sure to include a brief introduction, a challenge or question and then a summary that would explain how to overcome or summarize the scenario. Basically, work it up to have a basic lesson or learning opportunity for the viewer.
  2. Find a professional video company or videographer, to help shoot the video or buy your own quality gear and do it yourself.
  3. Use video software to edit your video so that you can output the best quality possible. There are many software available on the Internet, and most include free downloadable demos so be sure to demo the software for ease of use before making any purchase.
  4. Be sure to have a site link, or verbally include resources to your company so that viewers can follow up if they feel compelled to ask questions or want to enquire about your products or services. After all, we are doing this for marketing purposes!
  5. Constantly analyse your video analytics such as number of viewers, likes if posting on YouTube, etc. Also, remember to review your video for feedback because ultimately this is a process and each time you produce a new video you should be making it better each time!

It’s never too late to start creating and publishing videos and making them a part of your overall marketing strategy. Start thinking and plan how to execute your first video TODAY!

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Lucy Murgida is a Project Co-ordinator at ECA Techn inc. She has 15 years of experience in IT Project Management and Digital Marketing. Lucy volunteered in IT training and education for many non-profit organizations in Canada.

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