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WordPress is used by many online businesses ranging from small business start-ups to high corporate, top brand star businesses. Setting up a social media module such as a Twitter plug in is an important tool for your business.  This social media plug in will complement any sites that are powered by WordPress to embed the Twitter content and, consequently, grow the Twitter audience.

Features of the plug in are as follows:

  1. twitter-seoTwitter cards that are automatically generated by your sites’ webpages. These twitter cards highlight the information that you have shared on Twitter. Here is an example on right of what a Twitter card looks like.
  2. Twitter Analytics is another feature that lets business owners connect their site and author Twitter accounts to track content popularity as well as growing audience numbers. Sample analytics shown above:
  3. Embedded tweets and videos can now efficiently use colours from the WordPress admin interface –colours that keep your website branding and Tweeting in sync! Choose a widget theme, link colour and border colour from the WordPress administrative dashboard as seen on right:
  4. Addition of a tweet button makes it easy for Twitter users to share posts, that is, to share your content with their followers. The Twitter plugin automatically configures your Tweet button to include the following:
    1. The URL of the post
    2. The site and author of the Twitter account
    3. Custom share text information
    4. Hashtags specific to each post
  5. The follow button is a great tool, allowing visitors to easily become followers! The Twitter plugin makes it quick and easy to place a Follow button onto your WordPress theme’s widget area.

Overall, this plug in has great features such as the twitter card, analytics information, easy to use buttons and so forth. It’s definitely worth considering the installation of this module to your site!   It’s easy to use for the business owner and/or the webmaster and, equally important, the end user.


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