Web Programmers Global Impact.

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Scribes of the web programmers impact
Looking at code gives me anxiety, the same level of anxiety I receive when I’m trying to practice my Spanish at the local Mexican restaurant. I start to sweat a little and my eyes cross and then there is the overwhelming thought that I would rather run a marathon than go through with the task ahead: whether it is fixing a piece of code so my Title doesn’t look like my five year old niece was doing it or ordering my favorite quesadilla with extra sour cream.

This is my confession..

I am not a web programmer. I’m also not very fluent in Spanish.

But, I have the deepest respect for my fellow workmates and on-line compatriots who are. It is the programmers who wade knee-deep through a new language that resembles some of e.e. cummings best pieces. They are the bards of the digital age, waxing coding poetry, the simple haiku’s of Apple’s website, to the complex ballads of USA Today’s website.

Web programmers global impact can be felt anywhere. Without fail, programmers are changing the face of the world and how we understand and communicate with each other, even if at times they struggle with communicating with us in day to day conversations (this is my only jab at the stereotype of programmers as being socially awkward).

Every piece of software you have ever used is the result of the language developed and written by programmers around the world. It is a universal language of the world, without which I wouldn’t be able to like this blog post or pin this comic or research the latest food trends.

We at ECA Technologies are committed to providing our clients with the latest and greatest in computer programming so that our clients websites are on trend. Our commitment to this is something that I’ve come to appreciate since starting to work with them. When your business needs high quality code, know that you can depend on the team at Design Toronto Web to provide you with the language that will speak to your clients.


About Margaret

For the past three years, Margaret had worked within the non-profit sector doing grantwriting, copy writing for social media and print platforms, Website and CMS management and graphic design. She recently left her job as the executive director of the Alaska Farmland Trust to focus on other things, but she still enjoys the challenge of helping others with their website and technical copy writing needs, skills thatI she has had the chance to develop for years.

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