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Ecommerce is a real commerce!

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A web store is a real business no matter how you like to argue otherwise. That means since this is a real business you will need to put in real work into it. No get rich quick magic lies in an e-commerce store.

When you own a storefront you pay attention to displays and how your product is presented. You also pay attention to sales flyers, presentations and product descriptions. Sales associates will be well versed in what products are new and what products are well suited to accent virtually any purchase. In a clothing shop this means knowledge of what clothing choices work well together and what accessories will work well with a given ensemble. In a cosmetic shop it may be helping a customer find just the right shade of nailpolish or a scent that matches personality and taste.
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Groupon! What’s the deal?

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A new e-commerce website trend is to build groupon sites. The goal behind Groupon sites or the like is to give members huge discounts in order to get them to try out new services, in hopes that they’ll return in the future at full price. The websites themselves earn a profit by featuring the companies, who give out a small fee to the website in order to get exposure from local sources.

Groupon! What's the deal?
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Zen Cart Makes Store Designing Difficult

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Sure there are many good things about Zen Cart! If you are looking to get a quick and simple e-commerce solution, this cart is worth considering. But if you so much to look for a 100% custom look, this cart may not bring you an easy solution not to mention issues with many other popular must have features. Then why do some developers often root for Zen Cart? Mainly because it is free so they could play on it without investing any money in buying a more efficient cart to play with. Also because it may not need a great deal of development skills if you are simply wanting a little bit of cutomized template look.
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magento shopping cart development

Buzz about Magento Ecommerce Shopping Cart

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These days we keep hearing a lot of good things about Magento eCommerce Shopping Cart. So is this really as great as some people claim it to be? In my honest opinion, this is very arguably the best free open source shopping cart software. Why do I say “arguably”? Well, because it is the best free one but this cart is by no means is for small ecommerce website. This software is built with enterprise solutions in mind. It is build almost like a MVC framework to develop other codes to add to it. This software is a server resouce hog and could use up all of a server’s resource even of a dedicated server. It’s bloated and customizing this software is cumbersome.
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