Advantages of Client Forms

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Website client forms (such as a contact us page or a price request quote form) prove to be a useful tool for collecting client data such as email and phone numbers so that qualified leads can be cultivated via newsletters, mailings, etc.

However, most people do not prefer to fill out forms. They are tedious and time consuming. So, making your forms easy and quick to fill out will ensure they are done so that a company can collect the data to their advantage.

To keep the form efficient, try to collect only what you need. Really, the main items of interest are names, telephone and email contact information. Also, a postal code should be enough for your user tracking statistics. This keeps your form easy and more likely that it will be completed.

If you are using drop down boxes, keep the choices simple or use an enhanced text field that incorporates an autocomplete function so that the user can enter a couple of keystrokes and retrieve the city they are looking for without having to scroll down a multitude of choices.

Building an email database is important because sending effective e-mails on a regular basis will help increase your registration numbers, drive traffic to your website, and build loyalty with your participants:

  • E-mail is free. With no production, materials or postage expenses, you can easily and affordably communicate event information.
  • E-mail is fast. Time-sensitive information including updates pertaining to events and breaking news can be received within minutes, not days or weeks.
  • E-mail generates an immediate response. By providing links within your e-mail, you give potential participants the opportunity to register right then and there. You can see the results of your efforts instantly.
  • E-mail is targeted. You can easily segment your lists into groups so your e-mails go to the individuals who are most likely to respond to that particular message.
  • E-mail is proactive. Instead of passively waiting for participants to visit your Web site, e-mail enables you to communicate with and educate your existing participants.
  • E-mail expands your reach. Grow your database by sending information to your participants and encourage them to forward to their own friends.
  • E-mail allows you to foster long lasting relationships. Build a regular, ongoing dialogue with those registrants/participants who appreciate the routine communication.
  • E-mail will grow your organization. Maintaining and growing your e-mail database will allow you to fully utilize your services, including free broadcast e-mails and an upgraded version of HTML e-mails in order to reach more participants.

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