What Is A Mobile Website?

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what is a mobile website?

If you are searching to expand your business or improve your online presence, a mobile website is a great strategy. More than one billion people around the world have mobile Internet access—either through cell phones or other types of mobile devices. With people looking for more and more on the spot information, mobile websites are great portals to keep up.

Defining Mobile Website

Mobile website is a mobile version of your site that’s made specifically for desktops, scaled and optimized for mobile devices with smaller screens. Most mobile devices cannot read certain online content that full computers can, like content based on Flash. If someone tries to access your regular website on their mobile phone, they may have to deal with blank or broken content that can’t be rendered on their mobile device’s small screen.

If you want to get the most out of your online presence, you need to dedicate resources to this new, and growing, online customer base. The can bring many benefits, here are some of those.

Increase Your Sales

If you have a mobile website, people on the move can get information off of your site. They can find your address, phone number, services, coupons., or vital up-to-the minute information right on their mobile device.

In point of fact, many mobile websites offer special mobile services—such as, simply clicking on a phone number to make a call, or clicking on an address to see it pop up on a map. When you make it easier for potential customers to call or visit your business location, that is a good thing.

With a mobile site, your potential customers don’t have to go all the way home and log onto their computer to find out more about your business. If they have to go home to access your website, it’s likely they will forget you—or simply be attracted to one of your competitors instead.

Shows That Your Business Is State-Of-The-Art

For all the billions of people who own mobile Internet devices, you will probably be shocked to know how only a small amount of businesses actually have mobile websites. By adding a mobile website to your online presence, you can be showing customers that you’re business is forward-thinking, and that you’re technically knowledgeable enough to cater to all web users.

Imagine that your competitors haven’t gone mobile yet, you can get there first—and become the “go to” source for customers on the move.

Makes It Easier For Mobile Customers

If you’ve ever tried to browse a traditional website on a cell phone, you know how frustrating it can be. The words can be difficult to read, the navigation menus can be difficult to use (or non existent, such  as on Flash websites), and when browsing thru a mobile device a regular, heavy platform laden website can take forever for the pages to load.

A mobile website is designed for small screens, as such they are streamlined for mobile devices. They load quickly over mobile data networks, which can sometimes be closer in speed to the old “dial-up” services than broadband services. They are designed to focus on speed of navigation for a better user experience: what is the main action you wish customers to be able to take? Is it of immense value if potential customers on the move can click or touch a button to instantly call your office?

And more!

These are not the only benefits of a mobile website. There are a lot more. As more people go online with mobile phones, you’ll will find that if you don’t provide a mobile experience for your customers, and potential customers, your competition can leave you at the starting gate. In summary, a mobile website can help your business and will be a requirement and not an afterthought.


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  • Avatar eshops says:

    It’s obvious that mobile websites/commerce is gaining popularity very quickly. By 2015, Coda Research Consultancy predicts that sales through M-commerce will account for 8.5% of all ecommerce revenue and be worth 23.8 billion. Let’s see!

  • I noticed a huge push toward mobilizing websites back when smartphones first started coming out. But around 2009 it just dropped off, I think it’s because zoom features on mobile devices became so easy to use. I personally feel that mobile sites increase usability greatly. Even on my Kindle Fire I prefer mobile website versions as they load faster and are easier to navigate.

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