Why not OSCommerce ecommerce Shopping Cart?

why not oscommerce ecommerce shopping cart

Why would anyone still want to use OScommerce ecommerce shopping cart today is beyond me. This cart was made for the last century. C’mon people wake up and smell the coffee. This is the 21st century and we are doing things much differently these days.

In my opinion a lot of free software is let down by poor documentation. This shopping cart software is no exception. It does everything that it claims to, and it’s easy to do what you want once you know just how to do it. Learning how to use this cart can be very a frustrating experience. The forums are hit and miss about getting info. Some people get great help, some are totally ignored. Search function in this cart has no sophitication at all, because you’ll find large numbers of matching but irrelevant entries. If we would be serious about customising a site, we would have to get hold of some books. If you want to use it out of the box without many changes, it’s fine. If you want us to modify it, you could very well be frustrating us. If you’re in a hurry, perhaps take a deep breath and review what else is available – even if it’s not free. Time is money, and it might end up cheaper in the long run to have something which you can change quickly and easily. Check out my full article on this topic at this page. If you have OSCommerce site already that you just could not change, please let us know and we will assess what we could do for you. Otherwise, please don`t even bother requesting forthis cart when you could get a much better and modern cart for just about the same development cost.


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