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what is a mobile website?

What Is A Mobile Website?

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If you are searching to expand your business or improve your online presence, a mobile website is a great strategy. More than one billion people around the world have mobile Internet access—either through cell phones or other types of mobile devices. With people looking for more and more on the spot information, mobile websites are great portals to keep up.
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Groupon! What’s the deal?

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A new e-commerce website trend is to build groupon sites. The goal behind Groupon sites or the like is to give members huge discounts in order to get them to try out new services, in hopes that they’ll return in the future at full price. The websites themselves earn a profit by featuring the companies, who give out a small fee to the website in order to get exposure from local sources.

Groupon! What's the deal?
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do you want a social networking site?

So you want a Social Networking Site?

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So you want a social networking site such as facebook but you do not have a budget like facebook? No problem we can build you a cost-effective solution. Now, what does the word “cost-effective” mean? It means lower cost but does not mean $2. Trust me.. the computer programmers like myself spent a lot of sleepless nights studying. They spent a lot of money going to school and buying expensive books and gadgets, they went on working many years to gain experience; they do not want to work for 25 cents per hour 😉 Now, you say “but the other guy said he could build me a social networking site for $250”. Well, you know maybe the other guy does not understand english and thought you meant you wanted him to socialize or party with him. Now, if you want to dive into the e-commerce game but do not think you have to spend any money, you are wasting everybody’s time. If you are serious about making money on the web, you will need to make investements in your business because it is, after all, a real business. Allocate a budget for your website then ask us to see what features we could provide you with within your budget.
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Zen Cart Makes Store Designing Difficult

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Sure there are many good things about Zen Cart! If you are looking to get a quick and simple e-commerce solution, this cart is worth considering. But if you so much to look for a 100% custom look, this cart may not bring you an easy solution not to mention issues with many other popular must have features. Then why do some developers often root for Zen Cart? Mainly because it is free so they could play on it without investing any money in buying a more efficient cart to play with. Also because it may not need a great deal of development skills if you are simply wanting a little bit of cutomized template look.
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magento shopping cart development

Buzz about Magento Ecommerce Shopping Cart

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These days we keep hearing a lot of good things about Magento eCommerce Shopping Cart. So is this really as great as some people claim it to be? In my honest opinion, this is very arguably the best free open source shopping cart software. Why do I say “arguably”? Well, because it is the best free one but this cart is by no means is for small ecommerce website. This software is built with enterprise solutions in mind. It is build almost like a MVC framework to develop other codes to add to it. This software is a server resouce hog and could use up all of a server’s resource even of a dedicated server. It’s bloated and customizing this software is cumbersome.
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A perfect online software?

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I was thinking today.. is there any such thing as a perfect online software? Well, age-old saying is nothing or nobody is perfect. I will have to agree to that. Sometimes I do think I wrote the perfect software just to realize that I could add more codes to it to do something differently. There is simply no such thing as a perfect online software unless you created it to say just “Hello World”.
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2nd Day Insider Secrets to a Google – Friendly Website

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Google cares more about their users rather than those people spending huge amount of money to advertise their site. Regardless whether you give Google $10k a month for your PPC campaign, they can actually slap you anytime, “Google slap” as they call it.  Another thing I learn, I’m not an expert on PPC (Pay per Click) yet, I only use it on my own personal site and I learn that you cannot just pause and play campaigns, just to test, there are other way of doing it. Why, your historical CRT (Click Through Rate) matters a lot. The acceptable CTR at least is 2%; Google actually monitors your activity and inactivity the first day you run a campaign. How do you measure CTR? It’s Click/Impression = CTR. And if you want to know your Ad Rank its CPC (Cost per Click x Quality Score). The CPC is the amount you’re willing to pay and Quality score covers your landing page, relevance of ad test, historical CTR, account performance and other relevant factors. In short, Quality Score encompass both your account performance as a whole and the quality of your website, which is quite a lot to discuss. Well, I can’t discuss it yet, I still have to attend another seminar this June on PPC, a hands-on coaching (I’m really excited on this one).
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1st Day Insider Secrets to a Google Friendly Website

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Just this morning I attended the 1st day of Insider Secrets to a Google – Friendly Website. The speaker was a Simon Leung, a retired most senior Google optimization specialist with guest speaker Fabian Lim who is currently the CEO of Asia Internet Academy Pte Ltd, the Asia’s largest internet training academy. The event was sponsored by Powermax Consulting Group Inc.

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When to Stop Building Links

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Based on experience, the moment you stop building links that’s when your Google ranking start to sink.  So definitely, you don’t have to stop building links regardless whether your site is on the no. 1 page of Google and other major Search Engines.  You have to bear in mind that you’re not the only person doing the same thing.  Do not be complacent and always watch your back. It’s like deciding whether you have to stop promoting your site or continue campaigning for it.
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