Incorporate Physical Exercise Into Business Routine

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We at ECA Technologies Inc. / know how  Balancing your busy corporate life with family and exercise is extremely difficult which causes stress.

Stress also effects your inter-personal relationships at work and home, you become short with people, people ask, “what’s up ? “ “what`s wrong with you? “. Stress can compound so that if you have financial stress at home and job stress at work your world can seem like it is caving in on you. Further, many other more qualified people have written about the link between stress and other forms of long-term illness. So what does exercise do that counters stress? Well, physical exercise blows away bad hormones like cortisol and it pumps up good hormones like endorphins which make you feel on a high. Exercise also has the capacity to move you into a meditation like state which takes your mind off stressful environment and keeps you motivated   and successful

Ten Easy Ways to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Daily Corporate Routine

Incorporate Physical Exercise Into Business Routine

  1. Exercise first thing in the morning. Get up 20-30 minutes earlier and get your workout in first thing during the day.

2. Start taking the furthest away parking spot and get in a few extra steps between your car and the shopping center.

3. Take a “walk break” whenever you can find the time during the day. Taking short 10 minute walks a few times a day will do wonders for your metabolism!

4. Play with your kids! This is great attention for the kids and great activity for everyone

5. Choose the stairs over the elevator.

6. Choose a restroom that is the furthest away if you have an option

7. Try to choose an active activity right after work. A walk or even gardening or housework is better than just sitting on the couch.

8. Walk, jog, or stretch when you are waiting for dinner to cook, the laundry to finish up, or for your child to be finished with an activity.

9. It is perfectly acceptable to break up your intense workouts. You want to have at least 30 minutes of cardio every day — but if you split that 30 minutes into three, ten minute sessions you will find this more manageable.

10. Turn your housework into exercise. When vacuuming try to use your arm, back and abdominal muscles to push the vacuum. When loading the dishwasher, maintain good posture as you are bending and straightening and keep your abs tight. Scrubbing floors, cleaning the bathtub, gardening, and mowing the lawn are great ways to burn some extra calories.


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