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In the time it takes to create a solid brand, a proper marketing strategy needs to be in order to help extend the reach past the core audience. For both novice and experts, it still takes a lot time and effort to build things up. Time is not luxury, especially when you don’t have the resources to keep up with the dominant businesses out there. That’s why important to have some nice wrenches and screwdrivers in your toolkit to help fix or adjust some things for your benefit. Shopify is certainly a sharp tool in the shed that can provide you with stellar apps to increase your marketing power and put your niche on top. Here are 20 great Shopify marketing apps for your business longevity.

        Are you looking for a great referral system? OSI Affiliate Software is one that helps you increase traffic and sales through a referral program. Their simple approach can make even the business that’s just getting their feet wet understand things in a way to get ahead of big-name brands. They have a comprehensive way of doing things due to their instructions on embedding code in an easy follow through manner. This way, a business can focus on other parts that are more important. If it’s still a bit difficult, someone on the staff can help integrate software free of charge.  

A good business ensures a proper return policy is in place if a customer isn’t satisfied. Things won’t always be perfect, so it’s important to find out how to make the best from a bad customer experience. Aftership is a great assistant in knowing how to build a good policy template in order to make things fair for both sides. This saves a lot of time, because you can direct customers directly to the policy page.

It’s important to have a quality loyalty program in order to keep a strong and consistent customer base. By having the right incentives, they’ll feel more appreciate for long-term growth. Also, the exclusive deals will allow them to save money but also gain you more long-term sales. This helps to keep a strong and long relationship between consumer and producer. Some of the features of this app include: watching customer insights, rewarding social activity, and even finding different tactics for people to earn points. This type of program can be perfect for developing a loyalty system that appeals to your customers.

While having a powerful image tells a 1,000 words, it helps to have the right alt text available to market it. This is the app to use when you want your image to rank well. It’ll help build more organic traffic and leads for more long-term authority on the search engine. The search engine bots can’t read the picture, but the right description of the image shows its relevance in terms of how it’s placed in your content. Create the right alt text to help your content stand out from the competition.

Everyone enjoys a great deal, especially during the holiday season. A nice popup helps the user by finding out what nice sales are available on the site. Additionally, this is a good way for you to help upsell things so that you can get more from a single customer. This helps to decrease the abandonment rate, because exit intent sends them a reminder to finish a sale. Or you might have a last second deal that will encourage them to take it. This can be timed or set up as a one chance deal, which makes them more anxious to buy due to fear of missing out on something that won’t come up again.

Meta tags are still useful for helping expand organic traffic. This helps to build the right exposure on search engine. Maybe you have a special recipe for a barbecue sauce you sell or something else, a food description and tags will help target people that like barbecue food or enjoy condiments. Smart meta fields will help you come up with the right wording in an efficient manner to keep you on a steady campaign, and get through all of the unnecessary things that makes it harder to rank.

The promotion bar certainly increases the awareness of your site. By utilizing this bar, it’ll help you maximize your site to the fullest. There may be particular parts of your site that has not been used properly. Take advantage of this by adding different tools, social sharing, emails, or even creating a great banner to you increase the appeal of your site. This will help to increase the general look of your site with the small details.

It’s important to know how to engage with your audience. By finding the analytics of each page, it’ll help overall site performance. Also, it takes time to build up a list, but this helps make it easier for sharing purposes. Some of the features will help such as: highlighter (great for highlighting the most important tweets), social sharing the pictures, and creating a contact form for readers to better engage. The better the sales and interaction, the longer the brand stays in business.

One of the things that makes a customer upset is going to an image of a product and link, but it’s unavailable. People tend to abandon the site, and most times will never come back. In Stock Alerts will help you engage more with your customers. Let them know ahead of time what’s out of stock and the expected time a restock is in order. By having this communication, there will be a better chance of creating stability.

While images do have a lot of appeal, it’s important to know how to utilize them in the best way. A lot of people dislike going through all written content, so it’s important to have the pictures there to help break everything up in an efficient manner. Also, optimizing them correctly, can get more search engine bots to deem them relevant and authoritative as far as certain content is concerned. By having this in order, you can get deep link juice that will help increase visibility to your site products.


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