2nd Day Insider Secrets to a Google – Friendly Website

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Google cares more about their users rather than those people spending huge amount of money to advertise their site. Regardless whether you give Google $10k a month for your PPC campaign, they can actually slap you anytime, “Google slap” as they call it.  Another thing I learn, I’m not an expert on PPC (Pay per Click) yet, I only use it on my own personal site and I learn that you cannot just pause and play campaigns, just to test, there are other way of doing it. Why, your historical CRT (Click Through Rate) matters a lot. The acceptable CTR at least is 2%; Google actually monitors your activity and inactivity the first day you run a campaign. How do you measure CTR? It’s Click/Impression = CTR. And if you want to know your Ad Rank its CPC (Cost per Click x Quality Score). The CPC is the amount you’re willing to pay and Quality score covers your landing page, relevance of ad test, historical CTR, account performance and other relevant factors. In short, Quality Score encompass both your account performance as a whole and the quality of your website, which is quite a lot to discuss. Well, I can’t discuss it yet, I still have to attend another seminar this June on PPC, a hands-on coaching (I’m really excited on this one).

What else, I cannot actually reveal too much information since it’s a SECRET haha…just kidding. But as a whole, it was more geared toward harnessing the power of Social Media Marketing. What was actually exciting about the seminar was not the Insider Secrets itself, though it was the reason why I actually came but the tips you get from the experts themselves. I will be seeing them again this June and August for SEO and PPC. It’s always my goal to continuously improve, what works today may not work tomorrow. One example, the Page Rank, people are so focused on this, yes Google made an update this April and almost everybody notice an increase in their PR but it doesn’t really mean Google still uses PR. That was actually the question I raise during the seminar and was told by Simon Leung himself that PR is already obsolete.

One more I think you all should know: Google manually reviews each site/ads. They do have a system but the final decision still relies on the reviewer. Perhaps this is no longer a secret, there are just simple who don’t believe that they really conduct manual reviews, like the one who created a scene on the seminar, whoever the guy was, he was rude and today he didn’t come actually. Its okay to challenge the speaker but it’s not okay to be rude, there’s a proper way to argue your point. But I could attest to that, Google actually reviews your site, my personal site actually was blocked a year ago because of malware attacked, I contacted Google and within 2 days I got a response and my site was up again. Systems or software cannot interact with inquiries right, human intervention will always be there. Anyway, to wrap it up, I had fun, we had picture taking at the end of the day, and I have my certificate and a photo beside Simon Leung and Fabian Lim. It was great, this won’t be the last that I’ll be seeing this guys.

I need to take a rest now, it was a tiring day but I had fun.


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