Marketing Strategy

Posted by | September 01, 2009 | Web development | 2 Comments

So, you have decided you need a website?  Great!  Nicely built websites engage users and keep them motivated to return to your website.  The more this happens, the more likelihood they will spend time on your website and review your goods and services, ultimately leading them to make a purchase. The more time a prospective client spends on your website, the greater the likelikhood of a purchase being made.  However, getting a customer to your website in the first place is the hard part.  Building a website is easy.  Attracting quality customers is not.


To attract quality customers to your website, you need to target your customers more conscientiously.  Defining your target audience will help to identify how you will most effectively market to them.  For instance, some companies who target younger audiences, prefer to use the social networking approach using sites like Twitter or Facebook to get noticed. 


Building a website is only half the job.  To complete the full circle, one must clearly market their website so that it attracts the target audience most effectively.  An overall marketing strategy complemented by a well designed website ensures that a business is on the road to success.


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