1st Day Insider Secrets to a Google Friendly Website

Just this morning I attended the 1st day of Insider Secrets to a Google – Friendly Website. The speaker was a Simon Leung, a retired most senior Google optimization specialist with guest speaker Fabian Lim who is currently the CEO of Internet Academy Pte Ltd. The event was sponsored by Powermax Consulting Group Inc. The topics covered were…well, of course we haven’t discussed some of the topic outlined below, I still have to attend to tomorrow though, but here it is:

Crush All Your Competitors in Search Engines

  • Overcome Automated Penalties to Your Websites
  • Who Google Values More Than Their Highest Paying Advertisers
  • The Biggest Mistake You Can Make on Your Websites
  • Setting Up and Designing a Google Friendly Website Layout
  • What Would Have Prevented Penalized Sites from Poor Quality
  • Which Types of Website Google Associate with “Scams”
  • Quality Score Elements You Must Be Mindful Of
  • How to Set Up Your Navigational and Outbound Links
  • Integrating Social Media on Your Site for Best Results
  • One Simple Graphic That Instantly Increases Your Quality Score
  • Essential Content Pages That Are Often Neglected On Most Sites
  • Your Number One Goal For Every One Of Your Site’s Clicks
  • Shocking Quality Criteria Most Websites Never Implement
  • Building An Automated Lead Generation System The Right Way

The seminar was fine, the speakers of course are both good and the food served was great, lol. Though I can say that I am not new to this and would say perhaps Google Secret is not really a secret to me and for sure for other Internet Marketers out there, still attending this seminar is something I would opt to. Perhaps a confirmation if I was really doing it right and of course to gain competitive advantage, which definitely is my goal. It was an opportunity for me to listen to these people who have proved themselves well enough to earn six figures, that’s in US dollar. Both has its way of presenting their expertise, while Simon Leung highly recommend to harness the power of Social Media and to patronize its partners (love your own) Fabian Lim on the other hand presented his expertise by actually using a live site and do some googling on a particular term. This is by the way is very effective and I honestly learn new stuff in him with regards to keywords research. He will be here on July to conduct another seminar about SEO and Google Adwords, I don’t have the definite date yet but I will sure be attending. Anyway going back, there were 10 topics discussed today and as I’ve said earlier, I’m not new to this but it did meet my expectation.

Something I learn today about creating sales letter, I don’t know if you knew about this but I only learn it now. Long sales letter are conceived to be scams. I see a lot of that on the web; I’m honestly annoyed when I land on those pages with long sales letter. Simon Leong thought us how to create an effective sales letter, a landing, a call-to-action etc. In short, the seminar was A okay, plus the bonus of what I learn from Fabian Lim.

Tomorrow I’ll share what will happen on the event and perhaps share with you some links or photos of the events. For now I really have to rest from a long day’s event.


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