WordPress Development Basics

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WordPress has become the go-to place for blog and business sites alike. The hosting platform was first released in 2003, and according to Wikipedia, the most recent data suggest WordPress powers an astounding 23% of the top 10 million websites.  That’s pretty impressive. Let’s take a look at what WordPress is all about, the pros of using it for your business website, and what to keep in mind when it comes to development.

WordPress Development Basics

WordPress is a full content management system based on PHP and MySQL. It handles it all, from endless plugins and widgets to an array of themes and templates. The possibilities are, well, endless. WordPress Development allows users to get started immediately in blog creation, but without total flexibility. The other option is to download and install a software script, which is ideal for more in-depth websites and allows for customization. The latter option is how many major corporations are powering their websites.

What WordPress Development Can Do for You

So what does all of this mean for your business? There’s a reason WordPress is the platform of choice for millions of big players in the business world. It’s user-friendly with multi-user capability. Businesses can use their own domain name and choose from an array of templates, or even create their own unique design from scratch. With various premium plan options, users can choose one to suit their specific needs. Plus, there is 24/7 support. Did we mention it’s mobile-friendly too?

Let’s Talk WordPress Development

When it comes to deciding on a theme or template, businesses have many choices. You could use an existing theme; however, there’s always the possibility that another wordpress website is using the same one.  If you want your site to stand out design-wise, then this might not be your best option.  The second option is to design a custom theme from scratch, and lastly, you could always customize an existing theme by adding your own personal touches. It’s also important in the development phase to ensure your site is fully functional across devices, browsers, and platforms. And your developer must know how to properly optimize your WordPress site for seamless functionality. Contact DTW WordPress Developers today if you want to delve into the world of WordPress.

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