Microsoft Delivers Microsoft Office for IPAD

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Without looking back at Microsoft’s successful past at selling PC-centered software, new chief executive Satya Nadella helps Microsoft take a step in to the present with the introduction of a dominant Office Software that is tailored for Apple’s Ipad Microsoft Office for IPAD. The move comes on the back of former CEO Steve Ballmers who focused too heavily on the dependence of the Windows software.

New Directions for Microsoft

Office for Ipad marks not only the changing of the guard at Microsoft, but also, a swift redirection of the company’s marketing and development focus. Competing with free platforms, like Google Drive or EverNote, Office for Ipad opens up a new market place of Ipads for business users who have been reticent in the adoption of Ipads because of the needs for their employees to edit Office documents and spreadsheets.

Microsoft Office for IPAD Software Costs

But this comes at a cost. Although the software will be free for reading and presenting, there will be a subscription service to Microsoft’s cloud-based Office365 service to create and edit documents. The increased integration of this software will only boost sales of the already successful Ipad, whose sales in the US have been dwindling because of consumers don’t see the use of Ipads to perform more powerful tasks.


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