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Last Thursday I attended another Google Insider Secret on SEO on my vacation in the Philippines. Honestly, I never thought I’d still learn a lot after doing SEO for 3 years now in Toronto. I guess we sometimes don’t notice small things that could really mean a lot in our SEO campaign.

Here’s how it goes, I don’t know if some of you know about it but definitely I am not aware of this one until I heard it on Mr. Fabian Lim himself, the of CEO, Asia Largest Internet Academy – Asia Internet Academy Pte Ltd. Google actually provides you with a result page patterned to your computer’s behavior, meaning, if you are logged-in and your web history is enabled, your SeRP (Search Engine Result Page) is not the same as with others that are not logged. Google provides you with a result that you wanted. If you frequently a particular site, it will be on your first page, if you are logged in, therefore, your keyword research maybe skewed. Which most of us are once we checked our email, we no longer log-out. There’s a big difference when you try and search a particular keyword if you are logged-out. This is one of the best lesson I’ve learned on the seminar. If you are optimizing a site, you might get a wrong impression that you already made their site number one on Google SeRP…well that’s on you PC not on the rest of the world.

So what do you do with it, first sign-out of Google, go to web history and disable it. Simple as that, and make sure you sign-out first before you use Googling for a particular keyword, keep this in mind. It is simple yet it could give you a wrong data and could sabotage the whole campaign. Wrong data – wrong analysis.

The rest, as usual I can’t provide all the details, that one is enough though. I also enrolled on his Advanced SEO Training, you should try it. It could give you mastery on Search Engine Marketing, it’s also on-line education with students worldwide. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not affiliate, I just thought I’d share it, something worth investing for.


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