How to Build Links the Easy Way

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Building links has never been easy but there is a key to building links faster – Organization. Yes there are various ways to build links, to name a few:

  • Directory Submission
  • Article Writing and Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
  • Blogging

Sound easy, yes but it eats up most of your time and could be boring, a tedious job. But this could get complicated if you do not plan properly and organize your work. Organization is always the key to build links faster, know how and where to build links. To do that, you only need three things:

 First ask yourself this, what does my competitor do to build links and where? Always start with your competition and take note of it. Conduct an in-depth competitor analysis. If you are familiar with the Blue Ocean Strategy – Create uncontested market space. Make the competition irrelevant. You don’t necessary outperform the competition but rather you create a new market space. Even if it’s use on running a businesses there is still a way to adapt this concept on your SEO campaign as a whole or on link building activities – adapt the concept on how you are going to formulate and execute your strategy.

Next thing is creating a list of topics if you need to create blogs or write an article, list of top quality article directories for submission, directory sites, niche blogs and forums for posting. In short, create a list of where to post to and proper documentation of other things you need to build links like photos and videos for your Social Media Campaign.

Lastly, keep a record of information for directory, article submission among others. For directories at least create 3-5 variations, to cover directories that require a certain number of Titles and Description, also keep note of the keyword and contact information all in one doc file. For article directory, create an author bio, one in HTML and one in doc/text file, this way it would be easier whenever you sign-up for an account.  Keep track of all this information, create a folder for this campaign. When you submit article/directories, create an excel file to keep track of all the activities.

By being organized, you can build links fast because you eliminate redundancy of work, unnecessary work load like going through the list of top directories over again every time you submit to directories, manually typing the information or worst providing all the information needed only to find out you already posted on that site. You minimize confusions by having an organize list of the things needed and the output of all activities. You can really build links fast, just stay organize and see the result. 5-10 minutes deducted on each activity you perform can make a big difference as a whole.

For additional reading on link building strategies visit 10 Link Building Strategies.


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