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A web store is a real business no matter how you like to argue otherwise. That means since this is a real business you will need to put in real work into it. No get rich quick magic lies in an e-commerce store.

When you own a storefront you pay attention to displays and how your product is presented. You also pay attention to sales flyers, presentations and product descriptions. Sales associates will be well versed in what products are new and what products are well suited to accent virtually any purchase. In a clothing shop this means knowledge of what clothing choices work well together and what accessories will work well with a given ensemble. In a cosmetic shop it may be helping a customer find just the right shade of nailpolish or a scent that matches personality and taste.

It’s interesting that many ecommerce businesses get much less attention to these dynamics. You may not have a personal online sales team, but you can have an impact on upsells. You can provide a grouping of popular items that have worked well for other customers. You can pay attention to product descriptions and you can re-dress your online presence to allow your customers to experience the feeling that things are always new with your ecommerce business store.

Far too many ecommerce startups look at the whole concept of ecommerce as a get rich quick scheme that is essentially hands-free. You simply set up shop and go do something else while you wait for the checks to roll in. If only it were that easy everybody would be as rich as Bill Gates. You will need to invest time and money into this e-commerce business beyond just getting the site up and running. You will need to have a budget and a strong marketing campaign to include SEO for your site to take off the ground.

Actually, you should be glad it is not that easy and dirt cheap because in the end it separates those who failed to plan and develop their website with those who have succeeded in investing in and developing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, a comprehensive design and the ability to grow a successful online company.

It is true that ecommerce can assist you in making time available in ways traditional business seems less capable of. However, an ecommerce business is far from hands-free.

Many sites update knowledge-based articles quarterly, monthly, weekly and sometimes daily depending on the design of the website, traffic counts and other variables.

It is a fantasy to think that an online business requires little effort and big returns. Many startups do not take into account the difficulties associated with learning (and continuing to learn) SEO strategies, site design, web branding and other skills unique to ecommerce.

Ecommerce does have several advantages over a traditional brick and mortar storefront. However if you are still thinking it’s a get-rich-quick environment you should stay with snake oil, micro machines and mood rings. However, if you have a drive to learn the skills and develop a solid web presence you may be in line for a future success story in ecommerce. In such case, come and ask us for help, we will onlt be more than happy to help you out from any technology and marketing point of view.


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