5 Things to do this 2011 to Improve SEO

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It’s been a while since I have not written an article, wasn’t even able to greet each a Happy Holidays instead I just would like to wish you all a blessed New Year. I was busy last month just like the rest of you, buying gifts, spending time with family and taking care of reaching targets on time despite the long holiday. For sure majority has the same scenario, quite a challenging month December always is in business perspective.

After I have finally found a couple of hours to catch-up with the things I’ve missed, I want to share with you 5 things to do this 2011.

1. Revisit your company target, what it is that you want to achieve this year. It should be in line with your SEO objective. SEO is part of a big process, the traffic you bring in to your site is as important as your foot traffic. So improve seo of your website today.

2. Revisit all websites you owned. If your site is not getting much traffic, now is the best time to revisit your site. If on the other hand your site is doing good, it’s not an excuse not to revisit your site, there’s always room for improvement, could be from good to great.

3. Analyze your traffic with focus on your keyword. This data is very important both on your on-page and off-page optimization effort. This is helpful if for planning a realizable target for this year. Basically, this article is for those who have already an in placed website running for 6-12 months a t least.

4. Based on the data you have gathered on your website and your traffic, create a plan to improve your site. It’s always a good practice to have a goal in mind and an action plan, in short, treat this as a project. Let’s admit it, not because your successful today on SEO doesn’t mean that you will always, millions of people are competing over the number one page of Search Engine Result Page(SeRP), let’s not be complacent about it.

5. Launch your project with a with a strict timeline – 1-2 week at least depending on your resources.
I hope this helps you guys for the year 2011 and gives you more success, not only on traffic but on actual sales. Another year has passed, no one knows what’s ahead seo wise, and more no one knows what new gadget would pop-up and make our efforts double again, an android, Ipad, etc. , sometimes we just have to sit and relax, do we also need to be visible on these . Facebook are just Facebook 2 years ago, same with Linkedn but now, Facebook but now Facebook beats Google according to Experian Hitwise.

Anyway, let’s just do the 5 things first and let’s see what’s next.

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