What Google Instant Did for Me

Posted by | November 19, 2010 | Google, SEO | 4 Comments

For the past month, everybody is talking about Google Instant. I have also discussed this on my prior blog. At first I thought it would greatly affect my traffic, though it’s just a month, it actually didn’t do much change in my traffic. I still have the same traffic, average at least. Though I worry that through time, Google will influence users to just choose among the search terms it provides. It’s like, right now, it’s on the process of training users with an end in mind to adapt its current technology.

Other thing beyond just the traffic is that, Google made keyword research more challenging. Good news or bad news, for someone like me, it’s food for the brain, the more challenging it is, my brain has to process more..ha..ha..ha..Google Instant somehow made me crazy lol, I have to test keywords to both seek opportunity from this change and to make sure that keywords already dominated will keep its place. Well, what Google Instant really did to me is give me more reason to love what I do and provide confirmation that as long as you do white hat method, some things will never really change.


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