Secrets Revealed to Using White Hat Method

Optimizing a site may sound simple, perhaps simple in context if you know the standards set by Search Engines but could get really complicated when it comes to implementation.  We already know what on-page optimization is but for those who don’t, it’s the first step to optimizing a site for SE – work within the elements of your site.

  • Do create quality content or relevant information but Don’t overstuff it with keywords.
  • Do use Keyword Tag but Don’t provide too much keyword 5-7 keywords will do.
  • Do use keywords on Title and Description Tags but Don’t overstuff it.
  • Do use Alt Tags but Don’t use it to stuff keywords, use only what is relevant.
  • Do use Anchor text but Don’t use anchor text to mislead users.

If you notice I mentioned keyword stuffing several times, this is because abusing keywords is a black hat technique.  Be reminded also that even if it’s not visible to the end- users how you stuff keywords, like changing the colour of the text to match the background, it can be read by SE. For on-page optimization, there’s not so much to do actually except that you have to update it from time to time to adapt with the current SE standard.  Below are other things you could DO to optimize your site:

  • Use keywords on your URL structure if it’s relevant to the content, example:

Instead of just use or this way you links are also optimized.  For products, use relevant keyword for your URL structure related to your page.  It’s not keyword stuffing since it will be related to your page’s content.

  • Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for leaner code. A well optimize site should also allow SE to read its code easily, by separating content and style sheets you can attain this.
  • Use Site Map to easily navigate to your site.

These are secrets to a well optimized site using white hat method.  The critical part though is finding the right keywords. The secrets are now revealed what you could do now is finding the right keywords and then adapt this.


About Margaret

For the past three years, Margaret had worked within the non-profit sector doing grantwriting, copy writing for social media and print platforms, Website and CMS management and graphic design. She recently left her job as the executive director of the Alaska Farmland Trust to focus on other things, but she still enjoys the challenge of helping others with their website and technical copy writing needs, skills thatI she has had the chance to develop for years.


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