Responsive Ecommerce Web Design

There is a difference between custom ecommerce design and a custom designed online store. Where one requires custom coding (ECA Cart) which can be costly, the other is achieved at a reasonable cost by integrating custom design with our pre-built e-commerce platform (DTW Commerce). If you are a small e-business, Web Ecommerce Developers at DTW can build you a cost-effective e-commerce website in PHP. We also specialize in custom design and software solutions for businesses with more cumbersome subscription requirements. We can build you a highly secured and state of the art site using Microsoft ASP.Net technology. Our certified and experienced programmers are here to tailor to your needs.

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Responsive Ecommerce Website Design

For those unfamiliar with responsive design, it refers to a website that’s been designed to adjust to various screen sizes and resolutions. How does a responsive ecommerce design make more people buy your product? According to a study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, websites featuring a responsive design are rewarded with a 10.9 percent increase in visitor to buyer conversion rates year-over-year. A responsive ecommerce design also provides a constant browsing experience for users who are using multiple mobile devices. Instead of having them zoom more or pinch their screens to see what your site offers, you’re giving them a website and its products that make them feel more like they are using their desktop.

Business Benefit of Ecommerce Design

The benefit of e-commerce is it allows businesses to expand in the global market while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The market segments are successfully narrowed down and connecting with target customers all over the world becomes easier. With the aid of e-commerce, the vendor can reach potential customers all across the globe in a very short period of time. Without traveling expenses, it becomes a cost-effective method to market and generate business on an international scale. However, you may want to exclude certain areas of the world that have higher levels of fraud.Also, because of lower overhead cost, ecommerce web products cost are lower, therefore, enticing buyers more.

Consumer Benefit from Ecommerce Design

Online stores not only benefit businesses but also the consumers. Most people already have a full schedule without having to check off a to-do list of errands and stores to drive to. With services and products available online, consumers can avoid traffic jams, save on gas money, and have more free time in an already hectic schedule. So long as the product descriptions and specifications are clear and concise on the website, consumers can do their research and be confident in their decision. In addition to that, consumers are well protected by the money-back guarantee, which is endorsed by the bank or payment gateway to ensure customer satisfaction.

Amazing Numbers

The business activities, sales, and purchases of items through the internet all fall under the much broader category of e-commerce. The extent of the gigantic rise of ecommerce can easily be determined from the fact that the total revenue in the year 2010- 2011 was nearly $170 billion, while it was projected to reach $200 billion in 2011- 2012.

Plan In Advance

You should surf through some e-commerce sites in your area of interest to get the design idea. Then you must prepare well with a detailed plan for your website or you will be wasting time and money during the development phase. Just starting an e-commerce site in a big rush without a clear goal or concept might prove counterproductive, and you don’t want to end up losing money instead of making it. So when you have your goal set and a concept ready let our Web Ecommerce Developers help you realize it.

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