ECA Technologies giving back to the Community … Go Tigers Go!!

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Inspiring Our Childrens Future ….

ECA Technologies giving back to the Community

Whatever you are, be a good one - Abraham Lincoln

ECA Tech or E-Commerce Assisting Technologies Inc. started out as Albamerica Inc. in 1997 providing efficient, cost-effective outsourcing for larger software development companies in the USA and Canada. Our highly skilled and qualified consultants bring resources to the table that allow us to help companies consistently reach their deadlines. Through the years, ECA has built an extensive portfolio. We have worked as sub-contractors for CCMI Level 5 IT companies who are backlogged with assignments, having difficulty meeting deadlines due to a limited workforce, or simply cutting costs by outsourcing to a more efficient workforce and in need of task-oriented help with implementing business software strategies.

Through its many community support ventures ECA Tech always giving back to the company through various community events sponsorships or other assistance.

ECA Tech Inc. provides expert Ecommerce Web Design Services for successful businesses and HTML5 games and animations for businesses that want to make their website or employee training more interesting. ECA Tech is divided into four divisions: Mobile Synergies, focusing on apps and mobile websites; Design Toronto Web , focusing on web design and web development solutions; 2SEO, providing search engine optimization services; and ECA Tech Inc


About Demetri

Demetri joined ECA Technologies Inc. in late 2011. Demetri brought to over sixteen years of extensive Managerial attributes, Excellent Search Engine Optimization Skills, leadership skills and extensive Marketing with sales force effectiveness experience. He has always been a leader in the IT field. His customer service background enabled him to raise the benchmark for ECA Technologies. However, he had since then moved on to other things.

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