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what is cpanel hosting

Clients with pre-exisiting hosting accounts sometimes will argue that his webhost is the best on earth ever existed; been with the host for many years without any problems. They often fail to realize many years ago when they signed up with him, dynamic sites were not as popular as today. So as soon as they need an eCommerce, CMS, blog, forum etc. installed issues may arise that his host never upgraded their server software for a decade, therefore, either the control panel is non-existent or it is a very old one without any of the controls to manage hosting adequately. Now, there are few available server solutions but just about anybody would agree, cPanel is the best amongst them.

Some of those features are listed below:

cPanel Site Tools

There are such tools available for your use, which are Web Protect (.htaccess editor), Custom error pages, Redirects, Ability to edit MIME types, Ability to edit Apache handlers, Install/Uninstall FrontPage Extensions, Search engine tool submitting and File Manager.

Email Tools

The email program provides you with the possibility to add, remove, and change passwords while managing email accounts. CPanel is also provided by Webmail for the accounts, Auto responders, Forwarders, Mailing Lists, Spam filtering and some more.

Backup Tools

Backup allows you to create copies of account files and databases. The backup menu also allows you to download any automatic backups that were downloaded by your CPanel administrator.

Stats Tools

Here are different tools to survey your site popularity and efficiency. Those are Webalizer web stats, Webalizer FTP stats, Analog stats, AWStats, View latest visitors, View bandwidth usage and View error log modules.

FTP Tools

There is a module that controls FTP accounts (add, remove, change password for its access), Anonymous FTP controls; Ability to change FTP login message and Ability to kill FTP sessions.

Domain Tools

You have an ability to add or remove subdomains, Subdomain Redirects and its Stats.

Other Advanced Tools

You are provided with tools of SSH access tools, Manage GPG keys and Cron jobs.

There are also Pre-Installed CGI Scripts. Network Tools are DNS Lookup and Traceroute. Database Management tools includes Managing MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin access.

CPanel has a lot of options that are easy to use. CPanel works with most of browsers, such as IE, Opera, Firefox and others. So if your webhost is not offering cPanel, or at-least Plesk or Ensim.. I’d say it’s time for you to move on to the next host. If not, it may cost you additional dollars as your developer will have to waste a lot of time going back and forth with your webhost trying to install components that come standard with any modern host using modern panels.


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