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Blogging versus Vlogging has been an ongoing debate today about which form reigns the modern web world. Blogging has the super power. From small businesses to mass media giants, blogs have become the keystone to how users can discover new content. Blogging has grown into billion dollars industry supported by millions of sites across numerous niches.

At the same time, the rise of video marketing in recent years has revolutionised the blog world. Of-course, YouTube also has come a long way from the grainy, low-resolution slow videos in 2005 to high resolution fast loading videos in 2019. Vlogging is mainstream today, representing many content creators looking to make their content go viral.

Both mediums have similar goals and objectives: to educate, entertain, and market products or services to readers and viewers.

Why Blogs are Important

Traditional blogging allows you to create SEO content with target keyword as anchor to other pages you want to rank with. Through traditional blogging, you have the chance to dominate your niche through content marketing. Blogs establish trust and authority for brands. It can help win over skeptical customers through education and authenticity.

Starting to Blog

As long as you have a meaningful topic and good content, you can start blogging. Blogs are obviously ideal for targeting keywords. It’s also possible to optimize keywords in YouTube videos and descriptions. However, opportunities to SEO are relatively limited in vlogging versus blogging which gives you many options for keyword targeting.

Traditional blog content is also important for making your brand appear authoritative. By educating visitors with your knowledge, you can stand out versus vloggers who may be perceived as just some entertainment by viewers. The more often you blog, more chances you get to show your leadership to your readership.

Blogs give you more opportunities to search engine optimize. Blogs are prime to guest posting, expert outreach and social sharing as a means of passing SEO value back to your site.

The Potential to Go Viral with Vlogging

Vlogging is not just for big companies with pricey equipment on their hands. Vloggers today find massive success by simply harnessing the power of their smartphones. Vlogging has become humdrum within the social network yet relatively very young in terms of its potential.

Over half of modern marketers note that video marketing has the best. Shoppers who view video content are almost twice as likely to purchase a product. Moreover, the popularity of YouTube Red and streaming services such as making vlogging even more popular.

video bloggerStarting to Vlog

Videos are easier to create today with smartphones and more explanatory. Users can quickly determine whether or not a video is relevant to them within the first few seconds of watching. Get some Vlogging tips from DreamBloggers.

Today’s readers have very short attention span. Videos can be a bonus to appeal to users that don’t have the time or will to sift through articles and links. Videos are very easy to understand and share. Vlogs are perfect for targeting potential customers via the social network.

Maximise Benefit by doing both Blogging and Vlogging

Content marketers should consider the strengths of both blogging and vlogging. There’s no doubt that there’s great marketing potential in both platforms.Relatively few bloggers effectively harness the power of video marketing. Some creativity will allow you to strengthen your existing content strategy with a mixture of the text and videos.

Although most bloggers see vlogging as supplemental content, it’s impossible to deny the SEO potential of blogging. At the same time, the rise of video marketing is too much for bloggers to ignore as users become hungrier for visual content.

You can make money with either blogging or vlogging. Vlogging is less competitive. You can rank in YouTube for a keyword and generate views quicker than you can gain traffic to a blog post. You can money from YouTube videos. You monetize through ads in the videos, affiliate links in the descriptions and sponsorship from brands. Your ability to monetize within the YouTube platform is overlaid. That doesn’t stop YouTubers that rack up millions of views from making a ton of money. They still miss out on opportunities to monetize that don’t work well on the YouTube platform. With a blog, it’s much easier to monetize, simply because you own a self hosted website. You can do ads and affiliate programs, but you can also create a mailing list and sell your own products. That’s why vlogging, or the combo of creating videos and hosting a website of your own can be the best option.


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