When to Stop Building Links

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Based on experience, the moment you stop building links that’s when your Google ranking start to sink.  So definitely, you don’t have to stop building links regardless whether your site is on the no. 1 page of Google and other major Search Engines.  You have to bear in mind that you’re not the only person doing the same thing.  Do not be complacent and always watch your back. It’s like deciding whether you have to stop promoting your site or continue campaigning for it.

Building links encompass many activities (read more about link building strategy). Generally, you don’t build links for the sole purpose of gaining as many links as you can. You also build links to advertise your business and attract as many potential clients as you can. So if you think you have enough links, well, there’s always an option to slow down. When you slow down the process, you also have to strategize at least just to maintain your position. It’s like, when you believe you already built a foundation then the next thing to do is how to strengthen this foundation.

Well, this is me speaking, personally, I don’t recommend site owners to stop building links. That’s a big NO for me. If just in case you really don’t have a choice, let’s say  “I don’t have a budget”, “ time constraint” or just feel like, “I’m on top, what’s there to worry about”. For case where you think you don’t really have a budget, good news, you can actually do it yourself.  Have the initiative to learn the process; there are huge resources on the web that teaches you about link building. Time constraint, outsource link building. Time constraints with no budget to outsource, as I’ve said earlier, you can always minimize your link building effort but you have to strategize. Being on top that gives you an excuse to be complacent… well.. well.. well.. if you’re willing to gamble your position that more or less represent  60% of your market,  go right ahead 😉


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