When to Stop Building Links?

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You should never stop building links; you should always be on guard for sites vying for the same keywords. Everybody wants to be on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing and when you reached that target it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop. Let’s not forget that being visible on the web opens a door for bigger opportunities. If you want to stop building links just because you reached your target, ask yourself if you’re ready to lose your spot on the search engine result page (SeRP), maybe then you’ll have a second thought.

Building links is easy you just have to do it the right way to prevent being considered as a spammer. Another, you also need to educate yourself from time to time of other ways to get a free traffic or a back link to your site. It’s not just about Directory Submission, Article Submission, Blog Commenting or participating in community forums, if you know how to strategize, you’re up for a hundred possibilities. You don’t have to tire yourself writing articles all over again, comment to blog post you’re not interested reading, try out something new. I’m not saying article marketing is not an effective tool. All I’m saying is, sometimes building links doing the same activity could be tiring plus if you don’t try out something new, you’ll never know which works best or which also drive traffic to your site.

If you’ve reached your target, keep on building links, but this time ADD something new to the activities that brought you to the first page of SeRP. Also, add a new keyword to target, remember, you don’t need to stop targeting the same keywords, you only have to add additional keyword to the list and promote it as well. You can strategize on this one. Believe it or not, it could drive more traffic to your site without losing your position – more traffic to a new set of keywords added, therefore, expanding your horizon.

Don’t stop building links…just be creative…strategize…


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