VBEC Seminar On E-business at Eagle’s Nest

Today, Saturday May 8th, 2010 morning I attended an e-business seminar arranged by Vaughan Business Center in Vaughan, Ontario. Well, I guess I should say yesterday morning as it is now 12:34 am Sunday morning EST.

Anyway, it was really nice to see our good old Dolores Rotondo back at VBEC (centrebusiness.com) after her 9 months of absence. Teresa is gone which is a good thing for us as we had some conflicts of interest in the past.

The first part of the seminar was presented by Andrew of Biz Launch. I had attended a few of Andrew’s seminars in the previous years. He is simply an amazing presenter. I always enjoyed his seminars before and I did again this (yesterday) morning. He has a way of making the seminars more interesting. A nice touch of humour and his efforts to engage the audience always works like a charm for me ie. I actually stayed awake through the entire presentation.

Andrew talked about the importance of social media exposures for businesses. I realized once again, this is something we just all have to do to promote our business. This is a powerful marketing tool that we have not fully utilized yet for our own marketing campaign thou we do this for our clients. Well, you know we wouldn’t exactly get paid to do it for ourselves thou ;)

The second part of the seminar was not too productive for me. This part of the seminar was run by a guy name Bruno. The guy was running a seminar on Search Engine Optimization yet, his only experience seemed to have been SEO for his own website! And guess what? This experience seemed to also have been based mainly on “onsite SEO” only. I guess any website owner with some SEO success in olden days when SEO was easier could just start running seminars on SEO now.. ya’ know I helped passing a few pieces of wood last year when my father-in-law was building me a deck in the backyard. I guess I should now start running seminars on carpentry! Viola!

He did not seem to have separated SEO from web design either. According to him (like many others) the web designer is the SEO expert.. well, on the other hand, web designers as well quite frequently mislead people by saying they would include SEO in their web design cost (say what? All these months of SEO work for free??).

Anyways, the food that followed his seminar was good so overall it was worth attending the seminar. Pino and I spoke with Andrew afterwards as well as Judith, a business consultant. We are sure to hook up again in the coming weeks. And oh! I gotta drop by talk to Dolores tomorrow about some ideas I have.


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