Myths About Affiliate Marketing

Posted by | February 01, 2012 | Internet Marketing | 7 Comments
Myths About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a new concept to some and pretty old to others. To many, affiliate marketing is a new marvel although there are those who have been making a living from it for years. You could also run your own affiliate program to bring more traffic to your website by offering commissions for sales generated on your website. Now, the new affiliates often hear some fabricated tales when they get started; let us look at some of those fantasies.

First, what is an affiliate program? It is simply a program where merchant owners pay you a commission for driving traffic to their website. Basically, you create your own website, commonly blog, social media, e-commerce or other dynamic websites.

You drive traffic to the website through different marketing campaigns such as SEO, adwords, offline commercials etc. Then put advertisements on your website about related products with your affiliate codes in. If people visit the advertised site following your affiliate link and buy something on the landed site, you are identified as the affiliate sending traffic from the link-code you used to send such traffic and are entitled to a commission.

Well, the biggest myth is that there is a perfect affiliate program out there. The actuality is that you should be ready to experiment with various affiliate programs. If you stay loyal to one affiliate program, it will reduce your income potential. One affiliate program is never enough as they cannot provide you with the variety of offers that you will need to analyze a market with. Finding winning campaigns may not be too hard once you are a member of multiple programs and have access to many campaigns. Getting banned from a network, however, is also a common occurrence and you need a safety net in case it happens to you. Your safety will come from the income that you will continue to have from other programs. Investigating these different affiliate programs will allow you to decide which ones would be a good fit for you. Even though there are affiliate programs that have stood the test of time and have positive reviews from many affiliate marketers, it is just wise to do your own investigations. Some merchants are shady and will skim conversions or not pay at all so do a background check before you decide to send traffic their way. Independent programs are good because you may come across something that everyone else isn’t promoting or you can choose a large affiliate network. But you will also need to talk to the owner to make sure they are in the business for long haul and not die out leaving you high and dry. The great thing is that once you are making a significant amount of sales you can negotiate rates and other perks, as well.

The myth of saturation is so prevalent among affiliates that it scares us to think about it. When a product is new and hot obviously you may sell it more but just because sales slowed down after a while is not an indication that market is over-saturated with the product. Marketing is about communicating; so of course, if you are good at communicating you will be selling your products. At the same token, always be in look out for new revolutionary products. There is an unlimited amount of products to sell and hundreds of millions of people to sell them to. Play your cards right and you will see sales coming in from every part of the globe. Do not let excuses deter you from achieving success.

Banners are not money-makers. I don’t know how this myth has survived but people are still using flashing banners. Your site is not a Roman candle so abandon the idea of lighting up numerous candles throughout your pages. Do not turn your website into a banner farm.

Finally, if you have been in the business a while and you are looking to invest in an affiliate program or want to attract affiliates to sell your products or have other great ideas, please check with us to see how we can help you.