A perfect online software?

Posted by | May 12, 2010 | Online Software, Web development | 21 Comments

I was thinking today.. is there any such thing as a perfect online software? Well, age-old saying is nothing or nobody is perfect. I will have to agree to that. Sometimes I do think I wrote the perfect software just to realize that I could add more codes to it to do something differently. There is simply no such thing as a perfect online software unless you created it to say just “Hello World”.

So what is involved in software creation?

First of all, a flow chart, then some pseudocodes then…. ok enough with the geek talk! Lets speak in english now! Lol. So do you think your business model is perfect? No there is always room for improvement. Same goes for softwares.. always room for improvement and growth. These days people are getting more into online softwares, who wants softwares today that you can’t access from outside your house/office? You need all your documents on the go but remember just 1 thing NO software is perfect. You always could get hacked, your software could crash but our effort would be try to minimize the chances as much as we can.


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