Web App Desktop App and Custom Software Development

Web app, desktop app and custom desktop software development involves common, event-driven software engineering. Web applications can be updated and maintained without installing software on thousands of client computers. They have a varied range of functions, such as webmail, online retail sales, online auctions, discussion boards, weblogs, MMORPGs, and many more. Listed below are some common apps clients frequently request.

Dessert Lady

spergel corporate website

Spergel Corporate Website

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Butterball Canada

Butterball Canada

Identify Your Web App and Custom Software Requirements

In order to save you cost and headache in the long run, you will need to have a thorough understanding of what you are looking for. Please take time to meet with us to discuss details of your web app and/or custom software development requirements. Changes to requirements later may affect initial cost assessment for developing a specific app. Please do not downplay your needs, as that will only complicate the development process down the road. The first step of web design and development is to determine how we will capture events the web application will handle. Begin by determining what type of events you want to capture. Next, we need to decide on handling the captured events as mentioned above. In this stage, you will need to come up with multiple ways to handle events. After determining the applicable events and  their handling method, the third step is to design and code the necessary handlers to carry out the required application tasks in response to the event. Examples of such responses would be directing a user to a new page, updating a record, or firing more events.

Set your requirement for your web app and or custom software reqs to save time.

Online Invoicing Web App

If you are a business owner, you know there will always be matters to tend to. But one business facet that can use up considerable time and resources is payment collection from clients. The online invoicing system allows you to get paid on time and to track your accounts easily. It can be a great help in organising your finances. Our application developers can build you a custom solution using frameworks, such as Symphony (unless .net framework is chosen) which is very useful for this kind of app development. Or we could also customise existing apps to cut cost, though this will depend on specific requirements. Also check out third party invoicing system such as Freshbooks.

Appointment Scheduler

Appointment scheduler can be used in a number of ways, such as for: booking/management of meetings or appointments for attorney firms, doctors, veterinaries, beauticians, and more. It can also be used to show specific activities during an event, such as class planning for a student, tourist group daily planner, and for virtually any kind of activity that involves a specific schedule during the day. Automatic email reminders can be sent to appointment bookers to minimize no-shows. We can develop this kind of solution in a cost-effective way by using a PHP or .Net framework or totally customize a scheduler based on your requirements.

Client Relation Manager

Contact management eliminates confusion among sales representatives, particularly those working in groups. Often, it is difficult to manage which people talked with which clients and when. This software is equipped with tools that automatically record interactions with clients. Your sales representatives avoid unnecessarily forcing customers to repeat information, while making transactions quicker and easier. Contact management software assists with forecasting by computing reports and charts necessary to predict future demands. Visual information is produced to assist your business with tracking pipelines and analyzing data.

Earn Money Online By Utilising Web App and Custom Software Properly

The internet operates just as the physical marketplace does, where the sellers and buyers converge and fulfil each other’s requirements. The buyer places an order, and the seller follows through with that order and gets paid for his services or products. Moreover, many individuals and businesses maintain their online store with a specific product category, such as clothes, jewelry, accessories, edibles, electronics, or mobile phones. Generally, with drop-shipping technology, you can take the order and payment and send these to the original merchant who ships the ordered products. And, in turn, the merchant pays commission to you.

If you need to fast-track various data processing, you may need some custom software built. We can make you Windows App utlising various Windows tools such as excel, powerpoint etc. Let us know the specification and we can come up with a cost-effective software solution.

If you would like to earn through e-commerce, then the best way is to contact the merchants. Also, tell us how you would like your e-commerce site set up to begin selling their products or your own products or services. We know it can be overwhelming: where do you even begin? We can help you get the ball rolling with a first-rate website tailored for your sector.