Importance of Internet Marketing Strategy

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Internet marketing is synonymous to web marketing and online marketing. It means promoting business online. Having an Internet marketing strategy could go along way strengthening web presence with high conversion rate. Development of a website does not stop when the design is completed. The website is just an instrument or a medium to a higher goal. A measure of a websites’ success is no measured with the way it looks, no matter how beautifully done it is, in view of a business owner, it is still a numbers game – the end-result of the Internet marketing campaign.

Internet strategy is very important, like placing ads on a relevant magazine. A company will never place ads on car finder when it’s business is clothing line – website should target its market. Internet strategy is what fuels the a verhicle to drive the company to its destination – targeted market, higher conversion rates and global recognition (in terms of web presence).

Another thing is that, an in placed Internet Strategy  everything can be measured, as noted by famous Peter Drucker, If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. Thereby, monitoring websites’ performance is vital to Internet marketing success. This is often neglected, leaving the part of Internet marketing with the Web Developer or Web Designer. Decision makers should give a clear goal as to where the company would want to be 5 years from now and Internet marketing is one the strategy incorporated in the long-term strategic plan. It’s a strategy by itself but inline with the company’s mission and vision.

What are the common Internet marketing strategies?

  • Searh Engine Optimization (SEO) – getting a website ranked on Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing unpaid listing or what is called “organic”.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – as opposed to SEO, SEM is deals with paid listing.
  • Article Marketing – writing articles relevant to their respective industry for publication and distribution.
  • E-mail Marketing – direct marketing that uses e-mail to communicate new products and service offerings.
  • Social Media Marketing – using Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook to promote a company.
  • Affiliate Marketing – is a practice where a company rewards an affiliate when visitors click on their ads.
  • Pay-per-Click – another model where advertisers only pay their ads based on clicks from a hosted site.

All above mentioned could be broken down into action plan. SEO could be done by utilizing link building strategy such as link exchange. A thorough understanding of the potential of what a website could do for the company and the potential of having a strong web presence is a step forward to towards creating an effective Internet marketing strategy.


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