How to Promote your Blog?

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I’ve read a lot of blogs lately and analyzed how this blogs really caught my attention. First things first, before you promote your blog, make sure you know your target audience is and create blogs relevant to your niche market. And second, before you go out promoting your blog, which everybody would want to do, try asking yourself if your content is worth reading. Are you really giving out something that your readers expect from you, not that you have to stick on a certain topic – just stick on the relevant ones. Create a brand for your blog and deliver that message. This is really helpful if you are just starting-up –attract visitors in your niche first before diving for the big fish. Your content is why you develop huge list of followers and try to give what they expect from you, and be consistent.

So how are you to promote your site? First Submit your blog to blog directories like:

There are tools to automate the process, it’s in your discretion to use it or not or should I say to trust a software to do the job for you like the Blog Planter. You can also submit your blog to general directories if you wish.

The next thing is to post a Press Release to online resources about your new blog. This could attract new visitors to your site. There are sites that allow free Press Release posting such as

Create Link Bait, it means naturally attracting backlinks for your page. How? There are in fact various ways to do it, like interviewing a prominent personality and publishing it, writing something funny or embarrassing, disagree with authority, anything that will caught a readers attention and would definitely share it with others or talked about it in forums and communities.

Also comment on blogs your niche, including actively commenting on do-follow blogs.

Another is to participate in Blog Carnivals, it’s a Blog community where you could submit your blog to a certain topic. It’s some sort of a magazine only that it’s in the form of a blog article. You can also participate in other blog communities like bloglog.

Use social media as well, like StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Facebook.

There are various ways to promote your site, what I mentioned are just one of the common way to promote blogs. The best thing to do is plan ahead before jumping in to promote your blog, with so many ways to do it; chances are you may not know what really works for you. Establish your blog first the rest of the ways are geared more on active participation on communities. And of course, you must always provide fresh content to your reader. It doesn’t have to be everyday or every week, what matters is the quality of the content you have. Relevant and meaningful content could help you develop loyal list of followers, and as always, give them what they expect from you.

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