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LED LAMP: What is It Made of?

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Light emitting diode lamp (LED Lamp) is a semiconductor which converts the electric energy into light. When you pass electric current through it, an LED lamp will produce visible light.

Some experts who are working in the electronic field, call this technology unsung heroes of the electronic world. Many different large bulbs use these tiny LED bulbs inside them today. They do not have filaments in them like traditional light bulbs which burn to produce light. Instead, they are semiconductors that produce light whenever there are movement of electrons in it. That’s the reason why they do not get very hot. Read More


Using a Twitter Plug in for your WordPress site

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WordPress is used by many online businesses ranging from small business start-ups to high corporate, top brand star businesses. Setting up a social media module such as a Twitter plug in is an important tool for your business.  This social media plug in will complement any sites that are powered by WordPress to embed the Twitter content and, consequently, grow the Twitter audience. Read More


SEO Strategy for Business to Business

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SEO Strategy for business or Search Engine Optimization for Business-to-Business companies have become an utmost priority in recent times. If a company offering a particular product or service is not on the first page of a Google search results, that is often considered a deal breaker for many buyers of B2B services.
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Video SEO – Shine on Youtube!

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With so much video content on the web, you need to have a strategy in place to ensure you have relevant video content published. If you don’t have any, then you must start now to plan to create videos to enhance the site visitors’ experiences. Your competitors have probably already started as most companies do some video posting, to some extent.
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Local SEO trends in 2015

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When Google’s first local algorithm ‘Pigeon’ rolled-out globally last December, search engines suddenly became aware of the “local factors” behind user queries, which brought a significant change in all search results. Read More


Why All Websites Must be Mobile Responsive

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All sites need to be mobile responsive and if your site isn’t, its time to revisit the mobile responsive development strategy. We live in a world where each person uses a different technology to access the web. I like my mobile, my daughter uses her tablet, my sister goes desktop and on and on. According to comScore research, 49% of time spent online is now via mobile devices. People are no longer using their desktops to surf the web like days of yore. So, how does one website become readable to all these devices? Mobile responsive web design is the key. Read More

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Top 9 Benefits Of Using CSS

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The website development industry remains divided into two separate thoughts. One school of thought says that developers should use tables for designing web pages. While other group claims that Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the best tools for building portals at faster pace.

Do you know what the benefits of using CSS are? Read them here.
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8 Innovative Ideas for Building a Great User Interface

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The success of a website is defined by a good user interface. Sites and applications that do not provide a good user experience are often frustrating to users. You could have very good content on your site but if the user interface is not appealing, customers will ignore it.

  • A site needs to be easy to use and navigate
  • It should not be too congested
  • It should have appealing colors
  • A site should have the right balance of graphics and text content

Your goal when designing a user interface should be to please the visitors who will visit your site. You have to consider what they want and endeavor to give it to them in a simple yet tasteful and uncomplicated manner.

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