10 Tips on Search Engine Optimization

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There are so many ways of search engine optimization but the key is to plan ahead and know exactly where to start before pushing through with your campaign. Below are some tips to help you optimize your website.

  1. Choose the right keyword, you must first decide on what keyword you want to get higher ranking. Website owners would typically bid for a keyword to get higher ranking, you should optimize your site the best way you could to beat the competition. How? Analyze your competitors’ website, keywords they use, incoming links etc, in summary analysis of how they made it to no. 1 of Google or other Major Search Engines (SE’s). It will be your benchmark regardless of how old the site is.
  2. Optimize your meta-tags using keywords
    <TITLE>Title that you would like to appear on SeRP</TITLE>
    <META CONTENT=”description of the content”>
    <META CONTENT=”keywords separated by comma”>
  3. Do not repeat your keywords on each tag and do not resort to unethical practices such as keyword stuffing. Suggested keyword density is 3-5 it’s the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page, according to Wikipedia.
  4. Develop content that is unique, again, this should include your keywords with suggested keyword density.
  5. Build SEO friendly URLs
  6. Create Sitemap
  7. Establish your site by submitting to trusted directories like Open Directory Project, Yahoo Directory and Yellowpages.
  8. Submit to Web Directories and Search Engines
  9. Build Links
  10. Know when and how to use Social Media

Use Analytics to monitor progress and know which works best for your search engine optimization campaigns.

To add to the list, don’t be afraid to experiment and be patient. Search engine optimization is a continuous process what works today may not work tomorrow. Be prepared to overhaul your SEO efforts for tomorrow.


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