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Article marketing is widely known method of promoting businesses online. Though the most popular Article Directories do not allow direct marketing such as ezine, it’s still one of the best method used to market products and services on the web without compromising company’s’ reputation. In article marketing, it’s a common practice to “give” – write original articles for submission and “take” – resource box where link back to your site are written. Resource box is usually where the “call-for-action” is placed.

Now, where can we submit articles that will surely ranked by Search Engine’s (SE’s)? I’ve read a lot of blog providing list of top article directories and article directories ranked by Alexa and other list based on a particular preference. With all the blog that provided list, none that provide list based on SeRP. What I did since I personally submit to article directories, was to actually search for article directory using “submit articles”, “article submission” and “article directory” as keyword and listed down all directories which appear mostly using those keywords. Here’s what I got, hope you’ll enjoy the list.

  1. Ezine Articles – Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure.
  2. Go – Free content search engine and article directory.
  3. – Submit articles for distribution, publication and promotion.
  4. Artcle Dashboard – Submit articles to the Article Dashboard directory, search and find free website and ezine content, and open an author submission management account.
  5. Article Alley – Submit articles to Article Alley for free syndication
  6. Article City – Article submission.
  7. Article Blotter – Free article and content directory for article authors to submit articles and ezine publishers to search for free content, including an article search facility, and a wealth of info on article news, health articles, science articles, technology articles, and more article submission resources
  8. – an article directory featuring some of the top article writers on the net, providing free content for your web site.
  9. ArticleGeek – All article free for reprint.
  10. Submit Articles Directory – E articles is the only directory on the Internet where your article is translated to 11 foreign languages – your link URLs remain intact in all translated versions of your article! Using an advanced technology, our directory automatically translates your submitted article to: Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Russian.

One more thing, writing, spinning and submitting articles to directory could be a tedious job. It could be automated; however, you should think it over twice. Perhaps automating process could reduce time but think of the quality. I have tried to automate submitting article to directories, surprisingly top article directories such as ezine blocked my article considering it as SPAM. It could go through other directories but we’re not just after building links that don’t work in our advantage, we build links to build a reputation as well. Plus, if you wish to alter article submitted across the Internet for grammatical errors, I’m afraid you’re stuck with it. Don’t compromise quality just to speed up process. I’ll stick with the manual where I get better results in appearing on SeRP.


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