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Around the world, the iPad still takes 89% of tablet web traffic, according to a comScore report. This makes their mobile rivals weary. ASUS is selling out of its US$ 399 Eee Pad (MS Windows) Transformer model, but Acer has also slashed its tablet production by 50%. Also, BlackBerry is watching its share price and market share crumble, then there’s HP’s TouchPad, which hopes to make a splash. Samsung’s latest Android-powered 10.1 tablet launched on Friday, June 24, for US$ 499 and carries the hopes of the company in making a dent in Apple’s progress but is that really likely?

Perhaps Microsoft’s Windows 8 could show some light at the end of the tunnel. The hot-selling Eee Pad is destined to be one of the first Windows 8 devices and, if Android 3.0 fails to compete better, device makers could soon flock to Microsoft in search for a better rival to Apple. But, for all of these challengers, they need a credible ecosystem, media offering and app environment, and while Apple might be losing some lustre, its hard to find serious flaws in their system.

What’s even more worrying for all the players in the mobile devices market is that the iOS 5 and iCloud is coming out soon and an iPad 3 is inevitable as well. When this happens, the goalposts will move further for the rivals once again. And while analysts expect Apple to sell around 14 million iPads this quarter, its rivals are selling 500,000 to a million units, so iPad’s lead keeps growing.

Apple is buying the most hardwares in the market today. Apple is buying the screens, memory, batteries and other essentials at massive rates, doing the biggest volume details. This prevents rivals from mounting any serious challenge. Also prevents Samsung from promoting rivals which makes a lot of its own parts and sells some of it to Apple.

But the good news is for desktop and laptop device sellers is that the tablet traffic only makes up around 2% of all web traffic, with computers taking around 90%, phones around 8% and 2% tablets the rest. Tablets have a long way to go to threaten the dominance of the humble laptop or desktop, therefore, most of you guys don’t yet need to run about making your site iPad compatible thou at the same token, if you are just building a new website, it may be a good idea to create a smaller version for the mobile devices traffic.. at-least your contact information should be mobile-friendly. So if you have flash components on your site it will be a good idea to make sure if you have a mobile version of the same site as well.


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